Prashar Lake : Best Lake Trek


Prashar Lake is a cobalt blue water lake surrounded by the Dhauladhar range of Himalayas in Kullu Valley. Untouched by mankind, Prashar Lake trek is a best kept secret of the Himalayas. The trek trail is through the dense forest filled with pine trees, large grasslands and few watercourses. One can also have the benefit to explore the local village culture since it takes you through several villages too. You will be a spectator to the most famous ranges of Dhauladhar, Kinnaur and Pir Panjal.

The main attraction of this lake trek is the small round floating island inside the lake. There is also a famous ancient temple of Saint Prashar decked with local Himachali Architecture blending flawlessly with the surroundings which makes it a perfect site to witness.

Difficulty Level- Moderate

Altitude- 8,956 ft

Travel Itinerary

Although the option for visiting Prashar Lake can also be a direct bus from Mandi. But, for trekking purposes it is advised to reach Mandi and then reach Kantlu Village. Then trek towards Prashar Lake for nearly about five hours.

Day 1: Mandi to Kantlu to Prashar

Reach Mandi early in the morning. Then drive to Kantlu Village which is around 2 hours away from Mandi and prepare to trek. Have breakfast in Kantlu before you head towards Prashar Lake. Start with the trek with a vertical ascent for about 500 meters. The valley seems to be on your right. 

Walking for sometime will take you to a gradual ascent in the rhododendron jungle where the trail becomes an easy path. Walk for 400 mtrs and reach an open land to get a full view of the Dhauladhar Range. Take rest and test your hands on the camera to capture those moments. 

Walk further this time amidst an oak forest for around one kilometre. You will be ascending gradually. Again, you will be reaching an open land. Take a quick break here. After this clearing, you will reach a clear road where few vehicles can be spotted. This extends for about 700 mtrs. You will soon reach a place called Til which has a few shops. 

Take the kachha raasta from Til for about 600 mtrs and reach a small paddock. You can rest and take a lunch break here before moving further. After enjoying the views and the delicious meal trekking just to get the views of the mesmerizing apple plantations. The trail continues for about 700 mtrs before coming across a clear road again. 

The trail is a steep ascend from here of about 300 meters which is a little arduous. Reach a clear land after this point.

And everything is worth the wait once you reach this place and encounter with the Himalayan ranges called Triund, Dhauladhar, Man Hill, Kap Chuli, Hanuman Tibba, Friendship peak and several other smaller peaks. 

But the trail continues further and in around 300 mtrs you find yourself in another forest where the trail is flat. At the end there is a small lake but not Prashar surrounded by two huts. There is another 1.7 km long motorable road from here with a few houses on the way. After crossing these houses will come the main trek point called Prashar Lake. However, you can not come too close to the lake as it is surrounded by the fence. Take a rest and explore the place. Take a night stay near the lake to make the most of your trip. 

There is a small floating island inside the lake and if you are lucky, you can see the island moving. It is believed that the island can either make a move several times a day or not a single time. Explore the beautiful ancient temple dedicated to Saint Rishi which has a local attractive architecture. Enjoy the sunset and sunrise views from the nearest top points in the area.

Day 2: Prashar Lake to Kantlu 

Take a different route to reach back to Kanto. Start with the clear road for 1.5 km. After this, turn towards the right and after moving for around 700 meters you can see a water pump house. It is inside the forest hence you can just hear the flowing sound of water. 

There is thick forest further away. You will start descending gradually after leaving the pump house and there is a further ascent after about 1.2 km. Leave the trail and you will come across a house which has an apple orchard in front. There is a beautiful valley behind the house from where you can see the Hanuman Tibba and Dhauladhar range. 

After crossing the pine and oak forest and the motorable roads you will reach Halgarh Village. Soon, you can start getting the views of Kantlu village. This is a 2 km long stretch. Reach Kantlu and head back towards Mandi.