Power of Surveys to Unleash Your Brand Potential

According to the latest reports, 42% of customers would be okay with paying more when offered a warm and friendly customer experience. Today customers prefer brands to proactively seek inputs from customers’ end and work on adding substantial value. 

When the company offers the solution even before customers voice their concerns or problems is the best way to win over customer loyalty. To give it an answer, QDegrees has brought the finest tool – SurveyCXM that helps assess authentic customer experience solutions, where businesses can successfully deal in better connections with their customers.

SurveyCXM – Introduction 

SurveyCXM is a benchmark tool for measuring customer loyalty that tells you how your customers perceive the brand or the products you offer. Additionally, the tool reveals the different attributes liked by the customers and assists in exploring and improvising the recommended areas. 

To make the survey easier with excellent templates, tools, and other resources, SurveyCXM is the right tool for understanding the complete picture of the brand. Our tool helps to capture customer feedback with multiple CX measurement metrics and leads to the development of KPIs. SurveyCXM gives statistical modeling inclusive of sales predictions, customer visits on the website, mode of payments, churn analysis, and many more.

Matrices SurveyCXM offers are as follows:

  1. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  2. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  3. Customer Effort Score (CES)
  4. Customer Service Satisfaction (CSS)
  5. Churn Rate
  6. Conversion Rate
  7. Customer Lifetime Value
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SurveyCXM lets the brand measure customer engagements and sentiments across the journey they have had with the products or services. This tool offers different customer-oriented attributes to the business, such as mentioned below- 

  1. Real-time NPS score: SurveyCXM assists in tracking down the promoters and detractors with a self-learning NLP algorithm. This product leads to knowing the NPS score and other statistical reports of the company on real-time dashboards that deliver relevant insights for the business.
  1. Multiple Channel Capability: It proficiently works through all the most-used touch points like WhatsApp, E-mail, or SMS to derive more extensive data around customer interaction.
  1. Quick Alerts: Worry not, as this tool assesses customer feedback using the metrics that automate workflow segmentation and create timely alerts based on a set threshold.
  1. Vernacular languages– The tool provides support for 27+ vernacular languages for creating and responding to surveys. This feature helps access the surveys according to the customer’s language preferences, allowing the option to pick a native language.
  1. Friendly User Interface: The tool has an adaptable module that is easy to handle in better designing, reporting, and creating surveys. The surveys are bound to capture the customers through their visually appealing aesthetics.
  1. Provision of standard VOC: The tool provides a shared view of customers’ voices on feedback surveys, social media, and complaint forums. It is well-synced with social media integration providing vast accessibility and market trends, which helps identify business requirements and authentic evaluation in the competitive market.
  1. Provides structured text: Our product assists in smartly structuring the feed text data & feedback into categories through AI and machine learning techniques. It helps the end users to get a competitive edge in the market by understanding the genuine emotions of customers. The tool will help determine your customers’ exact wants, needs, and expectations by getting all the scattered feedback in a compiled format.
  1. Data Security:  The AI-powered solution ensures your data safety & security. Whatever data of your customers is collected, stays highly encrypted, and is not accessed for any purpose.
  1. Smart and customized dashboards: The product includes reporting with intelligent and valuable insights into how customers feel. It assists in reaching out to qualified leads with a smart and personalized dashboard. Also, it consists of multiple filters based on hierarchy, demographics, etc. which gives a clear picture of the customer’s inputs.
  1. Waterfall approach– If feedback through the digital medium is not substantial enough to gather productive insights, we follow the multiple reminder mechanism. Adding to this, QDegrees also follows a sequential model of applying various channels to raise the response rate.
  1. Service recovery and close looping: Brands can easily perform this through the platform as it differentiates customers into different types. Firms can accordingly respond to the feedback of detractors and passives with a further understanding that elevates the experiences and gains insights to form long-term CX strategies and even convert unhappy customers into promoters.
  1. Analyzed data of promoters: Happy and loyal customers are the primary catalyst for business growth. Survey CXM profoundly analyzes the feedback shared by loyal customers or promoters of the business. The product keeps a dedicated view of the brand ambassadors’ and HNI customers’ feedback and opinions. It even measures customer sentiments and businesses can make strategies to retain their promoters.
  1. Action planning: Brands get a complete action plan with this tool’s help. It provides 100% assistance in laying out the blueprint of overall processes by providing actionable inputs. If you want to decide on a precise course of action, you can use the tool to analyze in-depth by using accurate filters based on demographics, region, gender & more.

Plan and Pricing – 

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SurveyCXM is available in three price variations, including basic, silver, and gold membership. Let us know the details of each offer –

  1. Basic – This membership is for 30 days costing Rs. 12,500, including 15000 surveys through emails or 5000 surveys through SMS. It has real-time survey dashboard responses and survey design support. It is available in English with a per survey cost of 1.2 Rs.  
  2. Silver – Well, the silver membership is available for a Quarterly tariff worth Rs. 45000, delivering up to 45000 surveys via emails or 15000 surveys on SMS. The per-cost Survey is for one rupee, including the features of basic membership and adding VOC with text categorization. 
  3. Gold – The gold membership includes an annual tariff of 1 lac 50 thousand INR. This includes up to 2,40,000 surveys through emails or 75,000 surveys through SMS. It is available in English and Hindi, costing 62 paise per Survey. Along with the combined features of basic and silver, it offers four insight decks, three dashboard licenses, and two campaigns.  
  4. Enterprise Solution: The membership will deliver a customized tool that fits the existing brand culture. Further, it also provides cross-functional alignment and integrated solutions. 

Why Choose SurveyCXM?

If you choose to get services from QDegrees, things go beyond our tools and technologies. You can even avail of tailormade consultancy services from our experts. With this product, you can conduct primary surveys and drive impactful actions by designing a strategic plan based on real-time tracking. It will lead to a high-performing culture by optimizing every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. With the help of multiple survey modes and customized reporting, the brand can benchmark its organizational success. Recently, the research found that the number of companies investing in the omnichannel experience has jumped from 20% to more than 80%. In this case, you can be relaxed as our tool conducts surveys on multiple platforms like email, on-page, SMS, Chatbot, Kiosk, and Phone surveys.

Today 9 out of 10 businesses compete on customer experience. Organizations that take customer experience seriously will stand out from the noise and win loyal customers over. Therefore, a brand must create customer behavior at every touch point across the omnichannel. To stand out on all of these requirements, our SurveyCXM is the ideal tool. So, leverage SurveyCXM intelligence’s power to reduce your brand’s attrition even before it begins.

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