Packing Checklist for Hajj and Umrah

If you are embarking on a holy journey, you must begin preparing yourself now on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Most people search a lot to add specific items to their pilgrimage checklist. Take this article “The Packing Checklist for Hajj and Umrah” to make yourself facilitate with this.Performing a pilgrimage either major or minor is one of the greatest blessings from Allah (SWT) as it is a recommended act for Muslims to perform. You will need to pack many things to go on this journey like a passport, travel vouchers and other items, etc. After booking your Hajj or Umrah packages, you must take care of these essentials.

Hajj/Umrah checklist

If you are unclear about Hajj and Umrah checklist, the following points will serve as a quick packing guide before your flight.

Mandatory documents:

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Airline ticket
  • Hotel vouchers
  • Travel/transport vouchers
  • Health certificate (if one has a disease)
  • Vaccination record
  • Copies of all important documents

General items you should pack

Here are some general items mentioned that one should pack before your departure. However, one may also find them in Saudi Arabia.


It’s preferable to pack a Miswak stick. It won’t only spare you the trouble of searching for water and a toothbrush, but also allow you to earn additional rewards from Allah (SWT). Because using Miswak is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Furthermore, it’s not scented, which will be prohibited in Ihram.


Bringing socks will be very beneficial for you. Wearing socks is essential, especially for women because they had to cover their feet. But wearing socks is not allowed for men in Ihram. Sometimes the floor of the Haram boundary is quite warm, so it will be helpful for you.

Unscented products:  

As people know that using scented products in Ihram is forbidden. In that case, one should pack unscented products. These can be unscented wipes, tissues, sunblock, soap, perfume, etc. They may be helpful for you if you need them.Read Also: How to choose the best luggage storage for your belongings

Simple comfortable clothes:

You need to put on clothes after Ihram state has ended. Try to keep one or two long sleeves shirts as Medina may be cold as compared to Mecca. Women should pack loose cotton clothes to wear beneath the Abaya.


A white dress has two pieces, one for the upper body and one for the lower body part. Remember, it’s specifically made for men. If you have, you can pack it, otherwise, a man can buy it from any shop in Mecca.Note: It is better to buy the Ihram dress from your own country, as you can wear it at the departure or arrival airports to perform other Umrah rituals and proceed straight to the Kaaba.

Ihram belt/bag:

A better source to keep your things during the pilgrimage. It’s important to keep your most crucial documents and things at hand, so you can use a bag or Ihram belt. The bag takes up more space than the Ihram belt. You should carry it on your journey.


You should include your shoe pairs in your checklist. Even you can perform Hajj/Umrah in shoes if they aren’t covering the ankle and are clear. Sneakers are the best footwear, especially for men. At 2-3 pairs must be packed. Likewise, include your slippers also, one may need them.

Abaya and Hijab:

Both things are compulsory for a woman in Hajj/Umrah. Ladies must wear Abaya or related dress as an Ihram state for their pilgrimage. As most ladies wear Abaya with Hijab for a sacred state. You must include Abaya and Hijab in your checklist. Take the Hijab cap also, so that you wouldn’t constantly fidget with your scarf. Also, pack the Hijab pins to secure the Hijab in case it becomes slick. Women cannot cover their faces and hands during Hajj and Umrah. Therefore, they should choose an abaya that exposes their hands and faces. Women should cover their feet more than men. Therefore, their abaya should cover their feet.


To sum up this article, one should take essential things before departing. Otherwise, you may face difficulties in your journey and pilgrimage. Must make a checklist at least one month after booking your Umrah package 2023 before your flight. If you are budget-friendly, you should go out with essential things because the currency difference can occur.
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