Natural Opal vs Synthetic Opals: Everything You Need to Know

Opal is one of the oldest trending Gemstone Jewelry of all time. It has been used as Fashion Jewelry from ancient times and is still a very beautiful option to go for. Opal has always been everyone’s favorite choice due to its magical color and texture. But do you know that today two kinds of Opal Jewelry are available in the market? Yes, you heard it right. Opal Gemstone has two Variants today i.e., Natural Opal and Synthetic Opal. So today we will discuss everything about both Opal Jewelry. So here’s everything you need to know about them.

What is Natural and Synthetic Opal?

So let’s start with a brief introduction to both kinds of Opal Jewelry. Let’s begin to know about Natural Opal first. Natural Opal Gemstone: Natural Opal Gemstone is the naturally extracted Gemstone from the Earth’s crust. It is done through the process of mining and requires a combination of hand tools and heavy machinery. It is a very precise procedure that needs complete perfection and also is quite costly. Opal is a natural form of hydrated silica gel which gives it a very unique look. Remember that Opal Gemstone is today available in different colors like Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, etc but still, the White Milky look dominates everything and gives a very stunning look. Today Australia is the major producer of Opal Gemstones and supplies Natural Opal all over the world. However, there are various other places where opal is found like Brazil, Mexico, etc. So Natural Opal is abundant worldwide and is always in demand today.

Now let’s know about Synthetic Opal Jewelry.

Synthetic Opal Jewelry – Today everything which is extracted naturally has an alternative of a cheaper and similar synthetic option as well. These days Opal is created synthetically through a series of Chemical Reactions under specific conditions. It looks exactly like Opal Jewelry and gives a very decent look to the wearer. However, it can be differentiated by good observation as the texture isn’t exactly alike. So this was a basic introduction to the Synthetic and Natural Opal Gemstone. Now let’s know more about them.

What are the benefits of wearing Synthetic Opal Jewelry?

These days wearing Synthetic Opal Jewelry like Opal Ring, and Opal Earrings is also on top trend. Here are the advantages related to Synthetic Opal Jewelry: Synthetic Opal is a very affordable option to go for. It fits under the budget of the common man and allows them to have a stunning look as well.

Also, it resembles the real Opal highly which makes it a very good option to go for. No one has the time to analyze your jewelry these days, so it is a very comfortable option as well. Being synthetically made, it has a different level of shine and beauty which makes one look more mesmerizing and majestic. The glamorous looks of Synthetic Opal are making it more popular day by day.

Now moving ahead let’s know about the benefits of wearing Natural Opal Jewelry and why one should prefer wearing it over a synthetic one.

Why Prefer Natural Opal Gemstones?

Well here are the basic reasons to wear the Natural Opal Gemstone Jewelry: Effective Birthstone Jewelry: Gemstones are not just for enhancing your fashion sense. They are also there for some other astrological benefits. These Gemstones are supposed to have some Astrological Powers which are there to help different zodiac signs. Similarly, Opal Gemstone is associated with the zodiac sign of Libra. This means people who are born in September and October are supposed to have huge benefits from wearing Opal Jewelry. Opal Gemstone is the symbol of peace and Positivity. It is supposed to clear all the mess of one’s life and bring a good perception. It is supposed to make a person more sorted and clear about their goals and priorities. So that’s how a natural Opal Gemstone will bring orderliness in your life which a synthetic one cannot.

Good for Health – Also Natural Opal has benefits attached to your health as well. Opal is considered healing gemstone jewelry for your mental health and issues related to the nervous system. People who suffer lack of confidence and depression should wear Opal Jewelry for better healing. It provides them with a better optimistic approach to life which helps them to take life positively.

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Different levels of Charm – Remember the charm and class of Natural Opal are unbeatable and cannot be matched with Synthetic Opal at all. That’s why the demand for Opal Jewelry like Opal earrings, and Opal pendants is always on top. Also, Opal is a gemstone that is supposed to fill the life of a couple with love and affection which makes it a top choice on occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and especially Valentine’s. Also one of the best things about Opal Gemstone is that it is an unisex option for both men and women. Men love to wear Opal Rings over their professional attire whereas Women are crazy about Opal Earrings and Opal Necklaces on special occasions like parties and Ceremonies. So that’s why likewise a Natural Opal will let you stay ahead of others and enhances your personality a lot.

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So this was all about facts related to both Natural Opal and Synthetic Opal. Both are great in their way and have different types of benefits attached to them. Now one should choose according to their need and purpose. This will help them to choose the best Gemstone Jewelry for themselves. Also if you are looking for a trustworthy name in the market of Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers then do visit Rananjay Exports. They have got a wonderful range of Gemstones with fine designs of Jewelry as well. This will help you choose from a huge range. Also, they don’t compromise at all with the quality of Gemstone Jewelry and customer satisfaction. So buying anything from them will be a very wise decision to go for.

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