How To Migrate A Website From Shared Hosting To VPS Singapore?


If you want to build a website for the first time, you can opt for shared or free website hosting services. This type of web hosting is easy to manage and less expensive, making it usable for beginners and users with little technical knowledge. Depending on the new site’s traffic, more resources, such as storage space and bandwidth, will be needed as it expands. Switching from shared servers to a more resource-rich hosting option is one of the most efficient ways to scale the site once it reaches the designated limit. In this article, we will discuss how to migrate a website from shared hosting to a VPS Singapore for better performance, security and support. 

Shared Hosting Overview

There are many options available to you when it comes time to decide where to host your website. You must decide which hosting company to use in addition to the type of hosting package that is best for you. If you need web hosting, shared hosting is a convenient and affordable choice. Shared hosting allows multiple websites to use a single server. 

A shared server is appropriate when you lack significant technical expertise, as it is quite complicated to use. Your website not only shares server space with numerous other clients, but it also shares RAM and CPU. When there is low traffic, a shared server works smoothly. It has set tools and resources that restrict things like bandwidth, storage and some key elements. As a result, some users start looking for other options that will benefit from an upgrade.

What is VPS Hosting Singapore?

VPS hosting is one of the most popular hosting services for large websites and projects. With the help of the virtualization technique, a VPS creates separate, dedicated resources for each user on the server. As a result, VPS users have more freedom to configure individual systems. It is slightly more expensive than shared hosting but has many benefits. You can choose a smaller and less expensive dedicated server when you select a VPS server. VPS in Singapore is a popular option for small- to medium-sized businesses with a moderate amount of traffic. It offers outstanding defense and adaptability that facilitates easy growth.

Benefits of Migrating a Website from Shared to VPS Hosting 

VPS hosting offers a top-notch hosting solution by fusing the financial benefits of shared hosting with the increased functionality of a dedicated server. There are numerous, significant benefits to switching from shared hosting to a VPS. 

  • Increased Freedom, Performance and Speed

You can manage several websites with ease when you choose a VPS. Or, it will be very simple to install a variety of tools and techniques. When you choose a low-cost VPS, managing multiple websites is simple. Also, a variety of tools and software can be installed with ease. 

When it comes to overall performance, VPS servers outperform shared servers by a wide margin. You can make more changes because you have control over the server. Shared hosting does not offer this feature because every user is impacted by server changes. 

  • Increased Development and Capabilities

In comparison to shared hosting, VPS Singapore gives you full access to more resources. When you are in the development phase or just started a new website, a VPS server is the perfect choice. With Singapore VPS hosting server, you can handle traffic without performance issues.

  • VPS can resolve problem quickly

Another important benefit is the provider’s ability to be reached for troubleshooting. In essence, setup problems can be solved automatically. Your data gets stored on a cloud platform that is regularly updated and configured for services like memory, processing, and disk storage. However, it becomes important to use a reputable server provider. 

  • Managed services can be beneficial

There are a number of service providers that offer an efficiently managed VPS solution in Singapore. This fully managed service comes with free software updates, security software, server installation, and 24-hour support. In order to make using the platform easier for you, they also offer an intuitive control interface

How to Migrate a Website from Shared to VPS?

Follow the steps to migrate a website from shared to VPS Hosting in Singapore.

Step 1: Move your domain to a new hosting provider.

It is not necessary, but transferring your domain to another will save you time and money. This step will help you move from one service to another. A reliable service provider can assist you with these procedures and ensure that your domain name remains secure and operational throughout the transfer procedure.

Step 2: Create a backup of the website.

If you own a website or business, you need to think that, you will need a backup of your website. The transfer of databases and information will be made less difficult in the future thanks to this, but it will also serve as a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Make a backup of your files in your cPanel before moving forward.

Step 3: Transfer the database to the current VPS.

As soon as you make a backup, you need to transfer all the data and content to the current VPS in Singapore. Now that you have transferred all the data to the new VPS account, you are fully prepared for the fourth step.

Step 4: Change your IP address.

Your updated server address gets changed, with DNS provider you can finish your last step. 

This request is receive by an email, after completing this action you moved from shared to VPS hosting service. 


A shared hosting plan will be perfect if this is your first time launching a website. It offers reasonable prices and enough resources for creating an online presence. But as you grow and extend your influence, an upgrade quickly becomes necessary. Your hosting plan must provide beneficial and adaptable benefits for this expansion. 

We think that switching to a VPS is the smart thing for any website owner to do in order to get better results. We also highlighted important steps to help you successfully move your website from a shared server to a VPS data center hosting services. It has hopefully produced the positive outcomes required for development and expansion.

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