Maximizing ROI with Kefir Market Intelligence 2024-2032

Market Overview

The global kefir market size was valued at USD 1.23 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 2.40 billion by 2032, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.39% during the forecast period based on our analysis in the existing report.

Excellent benefits of fermented dairy products on heart health will prove to be a major game-changer for this market in the coming years, observes Fortune Business Insights™ in its report, titled “Kefir Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis, By Product Type (Dairy-based & Non-dairy), By Nature (Organic & Conventional), Category (Flavored & Non-flavored), Distribution Channel (Supermarkets/Hypermarkets, Convenience Stores, Specialty Stores, & Online Retail), and Regional Forecast, 2020-2032”. Findings from a 2018 study conducted by researchers from the University of Eastern Finland revealed that men who consume large amount of fermented dairy items such as kefir and yoghurt have a significantly lower risk of developing coronary heart disease. Another study, conducted in Brazil and published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry in 2019, showed that kefir-infused fermented milk improved blood pressure and prevented cardiac hypertrophy. With increasing prevalence of cardiovascular disorders, which are the number one cause of death worldwide according to the WHO, the demand for probiotics-laden ingredients such as kefir is likely to spike, as people become more aware of their potential health benefits.

The report states that the global market value stood at USD 1.23 billion in 2019 and provides the following:

  • Thorough study of all the factors driving and restraining the market;
  • Detailed analysis of the various market segments;
  • Comprehensive examination of the regional prospects for the market; and
  • In-depth research of the competitive landscape of the market.

Exploring the Additional Health Benefits of Fermented Dairy Products:

Some other health benefits of fermented dairy products include:

Improved Digestive Health: The probiotics produced during fermentation can help restore the balance of beneficial bacteria in your gut, aiding digestion and overall gut health.

Boosted Immunity: Fermented dairy products contain antibiotic compounds that can enhance immunity levels, helping the body effectively fight off germs and infections.

Enhanced Gut Health: Fermented dairy products contain gut-friendly bacteria that support digestion and metabolism, along with essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to overall gut health.

Reduced Carbohydrates: Fermented dairy products have lower carbohydrate content compared to regular milk products, making them a great alternative for those looking to reduce their carbohydrate intake.

Heart Health: Studies have shown a connection between consuming yogurt and a decreased risk of heart disease and stroke, possibly due to improved blood fat levels, including reduced total cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

Relief from Diarrhea: Lactobacillus casei fermented milk has been found to be beneficial for children and infants experiencing diarrhea, offering relief and aiding in recovery.

These health benefits highlight the diverse advantages of incorporating fermented dairy products like yogurt, kefir, and others into your diet for overall well-being and improved health outcomes.


Regional Insights

High Nutritional Awareness to Power Market Growth in Europe

Europe, where the market size stood at USD 654.78 million in 2019, is expected to dominate the kefir market share during the forecast period. The central growth driver for this region is the widespread awareness about the nutritional requirements to maintain gut health. Emerging trend of healthy snacking is also expected to boost the demand for fermented milk in the region.

Increasing investment in research to investigate the benefits of probiotic food & drinks by companies in North America will fuel the regional market growth. In Asia Pacific, the market will be mainly driven by the growing interest of consumers in novel, flavored probiotic products, especially dairy-based kefir, which held a share of 71.91% in 2019 in the region.

Competitive Landscape

Companies to Align Strategies to Serve Evolving Consumer Tastes

Consumer preferences and tastes are continuously evolving, forcing key players in the market to constantly adapt their strategies to meet changing demands. Companies are developing and introducing novel offerings to broaden their sales horizons and build strong brand value for their products.

Industry Developments:

  • May 2020: Biotiful Dairy expanded its kefir liquid portfolio with the addition of Kefir Blackcurrant and Kefir Mango flavors. The company’s cultured milk beverages are created by fermenting milk with live kefir grains, which is then infused with fruit.
  • September 2019: Lifeway Foods released the “Kefir Minis” product range at the Natural Products Expo East held in Baltimore, Maryland. Offered in small-sized bottles for on-the-go snacking, the line-up features four flavors, including Strawberry Split and Campfire S’mores, catering to kids’ tastes and likings.

List of Key Companies Profiled in the Kefir Market Report:

  • The Icelandic Milk and Skyr Corp (New York, U.S.)
  • Maple Hill Creamery, LLC (New York, U.S.)
  • Green Valley Creamery (California, U.S.)
  • The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. (New York, U.S.)
  • Nestle S.A. (Vevey, Switzerland)
  • Emmi AG (Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • Fresh Made Dairy (Pennsylvania, U.S.)
  • Biotiful Dairy Limited (London, England)
  • Danone S.A. (Paris, France)
  • Lifeway Foods, Inc. (Illinois, U.S.)
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