Kids Face Mask Fashion Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted our daily lives, including the way we dress. Face masks have become a necessary accessory for kids, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fashionable. In this article, we will explore the latest trends in kids’ face mask fashion, what’s in, what’s out, and how to style them.

The Importance of Kids’ Face Mask Fashion

Wearing a face mask is crucial to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. However, it can be challenging to convince kids to wear them. That’s where fashion comes in. By incorporating trendy face masks into their outfits, kids are more likely to wear them and even enjoy it.

Moreover, wearing a stylish face mask helps kids express their personalities and creativity, especially since they spend most of their time indoors and online. It’s a great way to show their unique style and stand out from the crowd.

What’s In: Popular Face Mask Styles for Kids

Let’s take a look at the top face mask styles that are currently trending among kids.

Cartoon Character Masks

Kids love cartoons, and now they can wear their favorite characters on their face masks. From Disney princesses to Marvel superheroes, cartoon character masks are a hit among kids of all ages.

Sequin Masks

For kids who love glitz and glam, sequin masks are the way to go. They come in various colors and designs, and they add a fun and festive touch to any outfit.

Tie-Dye Masks

Tie-dye has made a comeback, and it’s not just for t-shirts and sweatshirts. Tie-dye face masks are trendy and stylish, and they come in various shades and patterns.

Embroidered Masks

Embroidered face masks are perfect for kids who prefer a more subtle and elegant look. They come in various designs, from floral patterns to cute animals, and they add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

What’s Out: Face Mask Styles to Avoid

While some face mask styles are on-trend, others are outdated and ineffective. Here are some face mask styles that kids should avoid wearing.

Plain Surgical Masks

Plain surgical masks are not fashionable, and they are also not as effective as other types of masks. They are intended for medical professionals and should not be worn by kids.

How to Style Kids’ Face Masks

Now that we’ve covered what’s in and what’s out, let’s discuss how to style face masks to make them look fashionable and trendy.

Color Coordination

Matching the color of the face mask to the outfit is an easy way to make the mask look stylish. For example, if the outfit is mostly pink, a pink face mask can complete the look.

Matching Outfits

If the face mask has a pattern or a design, matching the outfit to the mask can create a cohesive look. For example, if the mask has a superhero design, wearing a shirt with the same superhero can complete the look.


Layering face masks can add a unique touch to the outfit. For example, wearing a plain black mask under a sequin mask can create a trendy and chic look.

Where to Buy Trendy Face Masks for Kids

There are many online stores that sell trendy kids face mask. Some popular options include Etsy, Amazon, and Old Navy. Local boutiques and stores may also carry fashionable face masks for kids.


Kids’ face mask fashion has become a significant trend since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. By incorporating trendy face masks into their outfits, kids can protect themselves and others while expressing their creativity and personality. Animal print masks, cartoon character masks, sequin masks, tie-dye masks, and embroidered masks are all popular choices among kids. Plain surgical masks are not recommended. When styling face masks, color coordination, matching outfits, and layering are all great ways to make them look fashionable. There are many online and local stores that sell trendy face masks for kids.


Are face masks for kids effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19?

Yes, face masks are an effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but they must be worn properly and consistently.

How often should kids change their face masks?

It’s recommended to change face masks daily or whenever they become wet or dirty.

Can kids wear face masks during physical activities?

Yes, but they should choose a mask that allows for comfortable breathing and does not restrict airflow.

Are face masks for kids washable?

Yes, many face masks for kids are washable and reusable.

How can parents convince their kids to wear face masks?

Parents can encourage their kids to wear face masks by involving them in the selection process and by explaining the importance of wearing masks to protect themselves and others.

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