Kanna Laddu Thinnga Aasaiaya 

As soon as the kid was about to receive, the devotee gave two laddus to the kid. The scenario was like “Kanna rendu Laddu thinnga aasaiya”. The famous epic dialogue was perfectly suited. An unexpected moment took place. As I was near them, the kid’s dad passed me the extra laddu they had. At first, I didn’t show interest, but later, I couldn’t hold my liking. So, I grabbed it with happiness. Thanks to Vinayagar! 

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I felt the same taste and flavours of Laddu that I had in the first round. I was completely obsessed with the prasadham. I like it very much. 

I had a wish of tasting it every day. I thought of knowing what sweets. 

I straight away approached the devotee and made some useful conversations, where they bought the Laddu

They mentioned a famous mittai shop in the town. Also, they shared the exact location. 

Famous Mittai Shop

My mind commanded me to visit the mittai store on the weekend, but my heart made me visit it by that day. I left the temple as per my usual schedule. It was late. 

Tuesday! The day is devoted to Lord Vinayagar. Vinayagar and I have one thing in common. Yes! We are so fond of tasting Laddu. 

I am a diehard devotee of Vinayagar. I used to go to temples, especially on Tuesdays. Till now, I never missed visiting the temple. 

I feel like I’m having the best time whenever I spend my time in the temple. As my favourite lord likes Laddoo, this sweet is the most commonly served prasadham to the devotees. I’m one among the crew of people eagerly waiting for the prasad. 

Ahh! Laddu! Worth waiting for. 

The Temple

One fine day, I thought of spending extra time in the temple. I decided to rest and relax on the stone bench attached nearby the greenery. 

It was a perfect place to cultivate peace of mind. Next to me, a family of 3 members, rested on the adjacent bench. 

After some time, Laddu was served to the devotees in the temple. Fortunately, I’m blessed to savour the prasad. 

So yummy! I liked every nibble I had. I wished to go to Round Two. 

But, it was a huge crowd and I felt it wouldn’t be good to snatch the prasad from others. I was idle. 

Kid’s Cravings

I started to hear the crying sound nearby. I turned around and looked, it was the kid. Out of curiosity, I started to observe the happenings. 

In my understanding, I assumed the kid’s parents made a restriction that they were not allowing the kid to taste laddu. 

It was a valid point. It was the monsoon season mixed with winter winds. Tasting sweets in that season might create room for suffering from cold and cough. 

A Twist

The evening was so pleasant. The place in and around was clean and hygienic. The kid and the parents moved from the stone bench and sat on the floor. 

Their dress code, and the way they present themselves, seem religious. 

But, the kid was not letting the interest in tasting Laddoo, just in vain. The kid started again to demand the prasad. After a few tries and attempts, the kid made a smart move. The parents had no clue. 

Can you guess it? Crying so loud was your guess, sorry, you are absolutely wrong. The kid started to circle their parents. 

After so many rounds, in great confusion asked the kid “why are you rounding us?”. 

The kid replied, “Vinayagar did the same and he got Gnanapalam”. Mind-blowing reply. I never expected this from a small kid. 

The parents, out of joy, took him to the place where the prasad was served. 

Laddus are in Favour

I started to worry and my instincts told me the shop would be closed. But luckily, the mittai shop was functioning. 

The ambience, the aroma and the pleasant music made me fall in love with the store. 

The sweets shop provides free samples for tasting them. I too had a chance to sample them. They had many varieties of laddu. 

I ordered all the flavours, half kilograms each. I went home happy and I tasted all the laddu flavours in one shot. Still, I’m experiencing mouthwatering. 

No More Risks

I have an epic hobby of baking the foods and eateries I liked the most. In fact, I was too tired to prepare by referring to the ladoo recipes online. 

But it didn’t end up with the same texture and flavours. 

Why take risks? So, whenever I feel like tasting sweets, I visit the famous sweet shop and order it. 


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