How to Use ChatGPT to Enhance Customer Support and Engagement

Earlier Chatbots were not efficient enough to understand the contextual form of your command, and you would often get disappointed by its limitations.

But the whole scenario has changed since Chatgpt arrived in the market. It surprises you with its ability to answer you in a manner that almost meets your needs.

In this article, we’ll discuss how we can enhance customer support and engagement with the help of Chatgpt.

What is Chatgpt capable of?

Chatgpt is a language model. It has been designed to process different NLPRs. This includes the following:

1. Participating in discussions in all areas:

Context Understanding and responding to context

2. Text Generation:

Aim at generating rational and purposeful text.

Creative or expository pieces like short stories, novels, poems (lyric and narrative), drama, research papers, persuasive writings (opinion and argument), and essays.

3. Language Translation:

In assisting in a mere translation of languages.

4. Text Summarization:

It is like spotting important details in long texts and extracting the main points of paragraphs.

5. Question Answering:

As much as possible, giving both real and wrong responses to the facts-based questions above all.

6. Code Writing Assistance:

Assisting in coding tasks by generating code snippets based on given instructions.

It undertook a recent update in January 2022 and hence offers knowledge regarding diverse subjects based on its preceding training.

Nevertheless, one needs to remember that many of those results stem from statistical models as well; therefore, even though such a model may produce true statements, its answers can sometimes be false since this model learns patterns from some data, which implies that it can provide wrong facts and conclusions especially when dealing with Similarly, it does not allow web surfing in real-time and cannot access latest data simultaneously.

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What is the role of ChatGPT in customer service?

It is speedy, adaptive, and has a conversational tone — hence, an excellent assistant for the customer relations area.

Here are some use cases for ChatGPT in customer service to improve your customer experience and make it much more efficient:

1. Offer 24-hour customer service – without increasing the headcount.

All customers would demand continuous support so as not to be made to stay until they solve their problems.

Ninety percent of the customers surveyed by Hubspot believe that it takes no more than one day to come back with a solution after being asked a question – the majority of them do not care about what their location is and whether their country is on another side of the Earth from yours.

Every company would provide – without high employment and training expenses.

However, ChatGPT will indeed enable businesses to address this need without recruiting new workers. How? Incorporation of chatGPT in the businesses’ client care model allows for round-the-clock support irrespective of time zones.

Agents are limited on shifts and cannot work 24/7, while ChatGPT is always up and running without a break.

The continuous availability can be extremely relevant in particular for companies serving customers on other continents or where there is an increased demand from customers in non-business periods.

How can you do this?

Gain access to ChatGPT’s API. Integrate it within your customer service back-end so that any incoming chats lead to ChatGPT.

Teach the AI how to respond appropriately to common questions and address commonly experienced problems on a timely basis.

Many firms already use ChatGPT as a 24/7 customer service provider.  Many familiar brands and the types of queries they resolve via ChatGPT 24/7 to deliver exceptional customer service. Here is what you can learn from them:

  1. You can make use of ChatGPT to reply to queries concerning the vehicles’ specifications, features, and options.
  1. Customer assistance for account matters, billing questions, and other technological problems can resolved using Chat GPT.
  1. Some stores use ChatGPT for inquiries related to order status, available products, and shipping questions.
  1. ChatGpt addresses different issues on products, shipment, and returns, among other concerns for E-commerce businesses.

Contextual understanding.

Today, chatbots are vital in the customer service industry; for example, a company may be able to answer simple customer questions promptly using these tools instead of agents.

However, conventional chatbots may not be as good at comprehending context as we all can understand.

For instance, take a look at this exchange with a chatbot:


It is clear that although the user admitted to making a mistake in that they would have liked to have added 4 bananas to the cart, the chat robot only focused on the keywords and asked the user to add 4 apples as well.

In regards to customer service, you can enhance it by a mile with ChatGPT.

It has deep learning algorithms that make it comprehend the text more easily, unlike conventional chatbots.

Unlike most systems that only recognize keywords, it understands what customers ask for and makes sure that answers correspond with specific needs.

The first is the ability to understand customer needs, thereby minimizing the frustration of sending customers through several steps before understanding their queries.

I did a quick roleplay with ChatGPT to see if it can understand the context better; here’s the same interaction with ChatGPT as above (spoiler: it went differently):


This can make a world of difference in how you talk to your potential clients.

How can you do this?

Use past chat logs to support the bot’s understanding of the general flow of conversations and recurring contexts applicable to your domain.

In addition, it will “train” on context understanding with this ‘training’ phase.

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