How to Transfer Yahoo mail to Gmail – 2 Perfect Solution

Are you one of those who are searching for How to transfer  Yahoo mail to Gmail? If yes, this write-up describes the reason and process of migrating email from yahoo to Gmail. Then continue reading this blog. 

Yahoo Mail is one of the popular email service providers used by people all over the world. Many people create Yahoo mail accounts for their convenience. Yahoo Mail comes fully equipped with a built-in spam filter that protects your account from spam and viruses.

Gmail is one of the best email clients that provides better security functions and a number of features. It has a better user-friendly interface. Maybe that is why users want to transfer Yahoo mail to Gmail. Let’s discuss why users need to move Yahoo to Gmail.

Reason to Transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail

  • Gmail supports more than 75 languages and Yahoo only supports 27 languages which makes Gmail the top email client.
  • There is no advertisement in Gmail, which provides a seamless experience to users.
  • Gmail offers Hangout to send messages instantly to online contacts.
  • Gmail is more secure and provides additional filtering and category options.

These are the main reason to migrate from Yahoo to Gmail. Let’s go to the method to move Yahoo to Gmail.

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Import Yahoo mail to Gmail – Manually

Here we discuss all the steps of migrating Yahoo mail to Gmail manually. To complete this process you need to follow these methods properly.

  • Log in to your Gmail account
  • Click the Show all settings option.
  • Then go to the Accounts and Imports tab.
  • Go to account and import
  • Then select the Import Emails and Contacts option.
  • Enter the Yahoo Mail email address from which you want to import emails. 
  • Enter your Yahoo Mail email address
  • Agree to the permissions on the next window.
  • Permissions for the following windows
  • Select the options to import. You can also import your Yahoo emails into Gmail for the next 30 days.
  • After completing all the steps above, click the Start Import option. 

This method has easy steps and is also free for users. but the point is whether it is effective or not for the users. but it has a few drawbacks that are described in the next section.

Limitation of Manual  Method

There are many limitations to this method but here we describe some common drawbacks.

  • First, this method only imports emails from your inbox. No other folders are imported with this approach.
  • You cannot import multiple Yahoo accounts into your Gmail mailbox.
  • You cannot filter unwanted emails from your Yahoo inbox. Therefore, the import process will take longer.
  • No folder mapping options. It disrupts data hierarchy and integrity. 

For solving these limitations we have a one-stop- solution to migrate Yahoo mail to Gmail. 

Best Solution to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail

CloudMigration Yahoo Backup Tool is the best software to import Yahoo mail to Gmail. This tool easily migrates Yahoo to Gmail, AOL, Office 365, etc. You can save Yahoo mail to PST, PDF, MSG, etc. This is to secure your data while migrating Yahoo mail data. It is compatible with all windows. It has an interactive and user-friendly interface. No technical use of this tool very easily. It provides a free demo version where you can migrate 50 emails per folder.


Through this blog, we have understood the reason or method to transfer Yahoo mail to Gmail. There are two ways manual or professional to migrate Yahoo to Gmail so you can use any of them which is suitable for you. but to reduce your time and efforts we recommended a third-party solution for you.

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