How to make money with your food delivery app like Swiggy

Every business must adopt the most recent approach to attract people to it. Most users use the solutions offered by numerous businesses. It includes platforms that allow businesses from different segments to create an app similar to Swiggy.

It became necessary for local businesses to create their own applications to survive the competition. Smartphone users can choose from various apps to suit their needs. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, food delivery services have seen a huge increase. Most people tend to stay home so as not to get sick.

They use a variety of platforms to get their favorite meals delivered to them. Swiggy is one of the many apps launched in this sector. Others include Uber Eats, Deliveroo Talabat, etc. Swiggy, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Talabat are among the many applications launched in the meal delivery sector.

Sources from 2023 claim that a company has gained 22,6 million visits in recent months. It shows the popularity of Swiggy. If you want to make money and get your business going, you can create a Swiggy-like solution. Here are some tips.

Swiggy Like App: Several Tips for Earning Cash

You might have a few ideas on how to make money with your Swiggy-like platform. You can help yourself by referring to the suggestions below.


Advertising is a popular way to generate income from meal-ordering services. You can charge an amount to restaurants that are enrolled through Swiggy-like applications. Merchants can pay a set amount to have their restaurants appear at the top of search results. You should also consider a restaurant’s previous ratings and reviews before promoting it.

Stakeholder commissions

You can make money as a startup by earning commissions on your Swiggy-like platform. Your solution has countless benefits for everyone, from restaurants to delivery services. In return, they will pay a percentage of the total amount to business admins. It will allow them to make large amounts of money.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective marketing methods. Sending users attractive offers, coupon codes, and deals via email can help your venture gain massive engagement. Include a link to Swiggy so they can take advantage of the benefits. It will help the company convert more potential users into platform users.

Peak Hour Fees

Your business can be more profitable if you charge consumers a fee for meals delivered during peak hours. You can set these additional fees for delivering food to their doorsteps during busy schedules. You can also limit customers’ access to a menu of restaurants and charge them a certain amount for allowing them access at scheduled times. This app is a great way to earn money.

Charges at Delivery

Restaurants can hire deliverymen if they cannot deliver their orders on time. To use your providers, customers will have to pay an amount. It becomes a vital source of revenue for your business.

You may now be ready to have an application similar to Swiggy developed for your business. You should also know a few features that will help you attract more customers and generate significant revenue.

You Must Consider These Attributes to Help Your Business Earn Huge Income

Swiggy-like solutions for your venture must have valuable and splendid features. Here are some attributes that you can use to implement on your platform for Swiggy-like applications:

Multi-Lingual Support

This feature eliminates the language barrier issue for users in different regions of the country. The customers can choose their preferred language and understand the app’s flow and functionality. It will provide a better experience for consumers than any other solution, helping your business retain users and boost its profits.

Various Payment Methods

Most meal-ordering apps offer a variety of payment options for specific orders. To survive in the market, you must embed multiple payment gateways. Users can pay for a food order on a platform like Swiggy using their preferred payment methods. It will make them feel more comfortable using your app and attract others. Your business will have a greater chance of earning significant income.

Order History

The users can keep track of the meals they have ordered. This feature allows consumers to see all the details of their past orders. Modifiers, invoice total, shop, date, etc., are available. This feature will allow them to order specific dishes they ordered previously. This attribute will help your business to get repeat orders, increasing its earnings.

Parting words:

Swiggy is a popular app with many people talking about it. You might have been planning to develop a similar application for your restaurant. You must have made a lot of money by following the tips, and you may even be planning to develop a similar app for your restaurant business.

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