How to make an efficient content plan for your WordPress blog

Content marketing has already established itself as the best way to drive organic traffic to your brand and thus attract new customers. However, your WordPress blog content must be well-planned and genuinely strategic for these goals to be achieved.


Before you start creating content, it’s essential to consider what role that content will play for your brand. Having defined who the target audience is, what language will be used and what the customer is expected to do after reading, it is essential to ensure that the efforts employed in producing content will be worthwhile.


With that in mind, I prepared a step-by-step guide to efficient content planning for your WordPress blog.

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1. Define verbal identity

Brands increasingly have personalities, an excellent way to create exceptional customer communication. Sometimes, many think this boils down to having a well-established visual identity, but verbalization is also essential.


Words are fundamental for communication and must be well-chosen to convey the brand’s essence. Thus, outlining a verbal identity for your business is the first step in creating content that speaks to your audience.


Some elements present in the verbal identity are the company name, the slogan and the text style. The message transmitted to customers must also be established, a summary of what the brand wants to be reflected in the contents. In addition, defining the tone of voice, be it simple, kind or formal, is essential to create a verbal identity.

2. Know the personas

The persona represents the ideal client, that profile that the company desires. Thus, the persona is the synthesis of your target audience’s demographic, behavioural and psychological information in a fictional person.


The persona’s role is to reinforce the perception of the value of the product or service offered in a “real” person’s life and to understand how consumers’ needs and pains are met. As a company can have different audiences, the need to create different personas also arises.


In content creation, personas are essential to understand which content is relevant and will better dialogue with the brand’s intended audience. Therefore, knowing who will read and be interested in the content helps plan what will be done.

3. Create a bank of ideas

Having registered ideas is what will help in the constancy of the content. Without a bank of ideas, every time new content has to be created, it is necessary to make every effort to think about what should be done.


Good ideas can arise from the pain of the persona, the seasonality of the products or services offered, market trends and even everyday life. Therefore, periodic brainstorming sessions in which everyone on the team participates can be part of the work routine so that the bank of ideas is always stocked.


Tools can also be used to get exciting content suggestions. The Answer, the public website, provides the most searched questions on a specific subject. Google Trends is also an excellent platform for research, as it shows what is being searched for on Google and rising topics, in addition to comparing terms.


Another point that can help when thinking about new ideas is to have well-defined editorial lines. The editorial lines are the themes that will be addressed in the blog. On Haste’sHaste’s blog, for example, some of the topics covered are WordPress, WooCommerce and Communication. That way, it’s easier to develop ideas, as they need to be within these more prominent themes.

4. Explore different content formats on your WordPress blog

Initially, it is assumed that a blog will consist of long texts, but this can differ. You can switch between different forms to keep the content dynamic and fresh for your customers.


Set one format as the default for your WordPress blog content and alternate with others such as articles, lists, infographics, interviews, guides and tutorials. This must be defined in the planning to guide the moment of content creation, facilitating the work of the person in charge of production.


Within each new post, mixing different formats and using WordPress resources, such as image, video and list blocks, is also interesting so that dynamism is also present in each content.

5. Search for keywords

The keyword is essential for content indexing in search engines so that the right users can find your blog in searches. Thus, keyword research should be part of the planning to ensure it is present in the written content.


Several tools can be used to identify keywords that are popular in searches. In addition, platforms also help to know how competitive the search term is and the paid traffic cost for the keyword. We recommend Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Semrush and Ahrefs.


However, good SEO practices should be followed in using keywords in the content. Repeating it many times during the text was a common practice that now needs to be better regarded by search engines.

6. Create a journey

It’sIt’s essential to remember where the ideal customer is and where your content will guide them. Therefore, the sales funnel is critical to understand your customer’s journey within your brand.

The experience is divided into four stages:

  • Learning and discovery: it is the content that will introduce the customer to your business, being more general and covering popular topics related to your solution;
  • Problem recognition: it is the content that will make the customer recognize that he needs to be solved;
  • Consideration of the solution: it is the content that presents the Answer to the customer’s customer’s problem in a general way;
  • Decision: it is the content that presents the solution proposed by your company, leading the customer to make the purchase decision. 

For a person interested in better organizing their finances, for example, the titles of the contents for each step could be:

  • Learning and Discovering: Everything You Need to Know About Personal Finance;
  • Problem recognition: How to identify your main day-to-day expenses;
  • Solution Consideration: 5 Financial Organization Books That Will Change Your Life;
  • Decision: How our app will help you better organize your finances.

As much as your company’s-company’s interest is to promote your product or service, it’s essential that your content planning also includes the persona’spersona’s interests. People sometimes start their search knowing exactly what they want, so the content must cover each buying journey phase.

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