How to Host a Website on VPS Hosting?


To start your online business website creation the first step is you need to have a domain and the second one is to choose a hosting plan. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is one the most versatile option from others to host your website. So, in this article, we will talk about VPS hosting, how it works, and the steps you need to follow to host your website on VPS

We’ll try to clarify the VPS hosting process so that you’re confident to start your online business, website, or company. 

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is a virtual machine that provides virtual resources on a physical server that is shared with users. Nowadays, VPS servers are more popular. With VPS hosting you can get a combination of both dedicated server and shared hosting. Virtual private servers, or VPSs, serve as isolated, virtual environments on physical servers owned and operated by cloud or web hosting companies. Virtual private server hosting splits a single physical machine into multiple private servers that share resources with users. Many hosting companies provide VPS hosting at a cheap price.

The services provided by VPS hosting are:

  1. Security 
  2. Technical Support
  3. Data Backup
  4. Firewall Assistance 
  5. Consistent Performance 
  6. Reliable and many more.

VPS Hosting: How It Works?

By using VPS hosting, the operating system of your server is topped with a virtual layer. All the web hosting companies divided one server into multiple servers with virtual walls. With VPS hosting you can run a single website on a secured server environment. As it delivers dedicated resources that a website can use completely for itself. VPS hosting gives an advantage to users in comparison to shared hosting. 

Physical servers, operating systems, and applications make up traditional server architectures. In contrast, the virtual architecture of the server has a physical server, a virtualization layer, and different operating systems for each application.

With VPS hosting, it’s possible to have a fully secure and private server with lots of RAM, unmetered bandwidth, powerful CPU, and flexibility to run your compartment. 

Steps you Need to Follow to Host Your Website on a VPS  

Here are some steps you need to follow to host your website on a VPS:

Choose the Website for Hosting 

The first is to choose the type of website, like what is the niche or category of your website, and what is the requirement. Read out the below-mentioned brief description for both of the websites if you are not aware of them.  

  • Static website: We can also say basic website. A static website is a simple website. A website consists primarily of multiple hypertext markup language pages. It is easy to create them on a computer and customize them accordingly.

FileZilla is an example of such FTP software. Your website’s web pages will have to be edited on your system and then uploaded again if they need to be edited, deleted, or updated. Because you cannot dynamically modify the pages of these websites, they are called static websites.

  • Dynamic website: In a dynamic website you can change your data according to your requirements. Depending on the viewers, content growth, and availability, you can do so at any time. To build, update and make changes to a website’s content, clients and servers use scripting technology. When you want to control the website’s appearance or interconnect with it, client-side scripts will be needed.

Choose Your Hosting Server

There are two types of hosting servers for your static websites. You can choose your server according to your business or website requirements. 

Types of hosting servers are:

  • Windows Hosting- This hosting allows you to run scripts written in Hypertext Preprocessor, Python, Perl, and many other UNIX-oriented languages.
  • Linux Hosting- In this hosting, scripts written in ASP (Active Server Pages) are executed. .NET and Microsoft technologies are used in this application.

Choose Your VPS Hosting Plan 

Many VPS hosting companies provide different VPS hosting plans at different pricing and configurations. You have to select a plan according to your budget and website needs. Below are the mentioned VPS hosting plans are:

  • Managed 
  • Unmanaged 

Choose Your Domain Name 

After choosing your web hosting plan according to your requirements. The next step is to choose a domain name for your business or company to host your website. You can choose the domain according to your niche if your website or business relates to fashion then you need to choose a name related to their category. Because choosing a domain also impacts your website to rise or fall in traffic. 

Upload Your Website

The last step is to upload your website on the internet. After uploading the website will be visible to the users on SERP.  


In this article, we have discussed how to host a website on VPS hosting. Many people get confused when it comes to choosing web hosting plans. So, for your confusion, I have discussed all types of hosting plans, how to host your website, and how to choose a domain name according to your niche. Read out all the steps that are mentioned in this blog. I hope this blog clears your doubts. 


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