How to Apply Guy Makeup as a Beginner?

You think makeup is only for women, right? Wrong! It’s about choice! Guy makeup has come a long way, and now there are cosmetics especially for men in the market too.  

From moisturizers to concealers and contours to eyeliners, cosmetic brands have now started engineering men grooming products. 

Makeup for men is the latest trend and the cosmetics industry is booming with more and more products launched every year. 

So, now that you know there are cosmetic products for guy’s skin, let’s discuss how to apply them. 

How to Apply Guy Makeup and Flaunt Your Features?

Well, before applying any makeup product, you need to understand that male cosmetics are completely different from females. Now, the industry has enough products with guys as their specific business target.

Men’s makeup is usually light and invisible as compared to women. But, it’s their choice, if they desire to go for anything extra. 

So, with that said, let’s dive deep and discuss the basics of guy makeup and how to apply it. 

Here we go! 

  • Start with Applying Moisturizer

Moisturizing your skin is the most basic and vital step to start your makeup routine. Before applying anything, make sure to moisturize your skin so that the makeup doesn’t get into fine lines and becomes blotchy or textured. 

In addition, moisturizer also keeps your skin hydrated so that you get a natural look even after makeup. Your foundation and concealer won’t look extra or even on a properly hydrated skin. 

Make sure you choose a concealer that suits your skin best for a natural finish. Go for a moisturizer that remains set for the whole day without leaving dry patches. 

  • Apply a Decent Layer of Foundation

Too much of anything can be bad when it comes to guy makeup. Applying excessive foundation, after moisturizer, can build up and make your skin look uneven and cakey.

If you want a long-lasting makeup look, apply a decent layer of foundation when your skin is hydrated. A good foundation will cover blackheads, bumps, pimples, and minimize pores on your skin. 

For a natural blended look, use a makeup brush or sponge when applying foundation. It is going to be the base of your whole makeup look, so this should blend perfectly. 

  • Hide Blemishes with Concealer

After moisturizing and foundation, now it’s time to apply concealer. It is a miracle creation to hide blemishes and give your makeup a perfect coverage. Concealers are often the first dab of makeup you might have used when starting makeup. 

Concealer blends imperfections, hides dark circles, and works perfectly for all blemishes. Cosmetics industry now has concealers for men dark circles to give you a unique look. 

Before applying the concealer directly on your face, make sure to try it on your arm. This is to ensure that it matches your skin, hides marks, and gives you a natural look. 

  • Brush & Fill in Your Eyebrows  

Eyebrows can make or break any makeup look. So, these also need to be considered for a perfect and natural makeup appearance. 

Start by brushing your eyebrows into shape with an eyebrow brush (spoolie) for men. Draw your hair upwards and then move to the side giving them a classic arch shape. 

You can remove the unwanted or loose hair around eyebrows using tweezers. Once done, fill in your brows patchy and thin spots using a brow pencil to give your eyebrows a full & beautiful look. 

  • Use an Eyeliner for Bold Look

Guy makeup will go incomplete without eyeliner. You can use a black (or any color you like) eyeliner to draw a thin line along the bottom of your eyes. Just like there is concealer for men dark circles, there are eyeliners specially engineered for men. You can explore the market and get yourself a liquid and gel men eyeliner. 

Now, give your eyeliner a bold look by smudging it with your finger, and here you are with a lovely desired look! 

  • Contouring is a Must

Apply contour powder to give your nose, cheekbone, and temple a natural blend. You can use a contour brush for nose contouring by applying it on both sides and blending it with other makeup. 

For sculpted cheekbones, apply powder beneath cheekbones and blend it slowly. Apply contour powder to cheekbones, but just don’t go for extra because it will give a buildup look. 

Wrapping Up

There you have it! That is the beginners guide on how to apply guy makeup for a bold and natural look. 

For the final touch, highlight your face with a good highlighter. You can apply it on the nose bridge, forehead, and cheekbones to get a glowing complexion.

For a fresh and natural appearance, buff your face with finishing powder and you are done!

Now that you know how to apply guy makeup, give it a try and get a fresh handsome look.

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