How effective is an IELTS crash course online for last-minute preparation?

IELTS Crash Course Online, as the name suggests, is a short-term course taken just before the test.  The crash course IELTS is normally for a duration of about one or two weeks and the purpose is to give an overview of the whole course in a short span of time. The course content is designed to maximise student outcomes.

Where time is not a constraint or the test taker is not very well-versed in the English language, a comprehensive IELTS course is the best option. However, quite often, test takers find themselves in a situation where the test is imminent and they are not prepared.

In such instances, considering the time limitations, the only recourse is a crash course. Such courses normally include an overview of the test- module-wise, a summarised version of the course material and of course, the tips and strategies to solve the questions with ease. 

IELTS preparation in 15 days is not a Herculean task provided the student is dedicated, focused and guided by an experienced, expert trainer. However, there are two prerequisites to ensure that a student’s preparation based on a crash course results in the desired band score. First, they should have atleast a basic understanding of the format of the IELTS test. Second, a good command of the English language is highly desirable. So let’s understand how a crash course can be effective in assisting students who have no choice but to prepare for the test at the eleventh hour. 

Benefits of being a crash course: 

Online courses are of short duration and more intensive. The key to getting a good band score on the IELTS test is knowing the format and following a strategy. Crash courses are concise, relevant and to the point. They are focused and designed to give you just the right amount of information on each of the four key modules namely, listening, reading, writing and speaking, to enable you to crack the test. The goal is to arm the student with the tips and strategies that they will use to practice mock tests and hone their skills. Students will therefore know what exactly to expect on exam day and be adequately prepared for it. 

Benefits of being an online course:

One of the key reasons why online courses are popular is the fact that they are extremely convenient and flexible. It is possible for students to attend the sessions from the comfort of their homes without the hassle of travelling to coaching centres for offline classes, not to mention the time saved which would have otherwise been wasted on travel.  All one needs

Is a sound, high-speed internet connection and a  laptop or a desktop. Considering that the test taker is opting for a crash course primarily for the reason that time is short, an online crash course would meet the requirements of the test taker most aptly.  

  • Cost Effective:

It is a no-brainer that crash courses are priced way lower than comprehensive courses which is one reason why they are preferred by many of the test takers. When cost is a consideration, a crash course is a safer bet than self-preparation without expert guidance.     

  • Reading and Listening:

When it comes to the reading module, any crash course worth its salt will focus on teaching the students the skills of skimming, scanning and speed reading.  Understanding paraphrasing and its relevance to both listening and reading would also be explained to the crash course students. Students also gain insights into common mistakes committed in these 2 modules and the trainers guide them on how these can be avoided. Armed with an understanding of these along with specific strategies for different question types, students can practice full-length mock tests to improve the test-related skills.     

  • Speaking and Writing:

Speaking and Writing are modules which most students find tough to crack. In a crash course, students get an understanding of the type of questions they can expect and tips on how to structure the answers to maximise their scores. They are made aware of the assessment criteria and taught to practice such that the score for each parameter can be maximised. Moreover, an IELTS crash course online integrates practice sessions with the theory sessions. These practice sessions also include constructive feedback from experienced trainers.

Additionally, the practice tests help students to work on time management which is crucial, particularly for the writing test.  Any reputed crash course will include a good number of writing assignments for both tasks 1 and 2, which are assessed by the instructors and assigned a band score as well. However, the test takers are expected to use this expert guidance to work on their shortcomings by practicing on their own to refine their writing skills.  

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is quite evident that IELTS preparation in 15 days is definitely possible by signing up for an IELTS crash course online. A structured approach with one-on-one guidance from an expert trainer helps students in their preparations when the test is just around the corner. 

The success rate of students who sign up for these courses is higher because students are more focused and invest more of their time in self-study outside of the course hours. The concerted efforts of the students combined with the expertise of established trainers to support the test takers results in crash course students achieving their desired band scores. Nevertheless, it is essential to sign up for a course from a well-established, reputable institute of high standing to be sure about not only the quality of the resources but also the instructor. 

Check out this IELTS Crash Course which meets all these requirements and is cost-effective as well. Here you will also have access to a host of other free resources which will supplement the course content. You will not need to waste precious time surfing the net looking for additional study material elsewhere. So, what’s holding you back? Sign up for the course and get that band score which will get you one step closer to your dreams!     

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