How Do Dozer Crawlers & Forklifts Upscale Project Output?

The heavy-duty equipment industry has been an avid contributor when talking about technological revolutions. This contribution, in turn, significantly scales up the infrastructure projects’ progress. For instance, dozers are engineered to push bulky rubbles, different soil types and other materials. 

On the other hand, forklifts facilitate order picking and, more importantly, help lift heavy materials across long distances. With several brands in the market, CAT & ACE are leading this curve. 

CAT D9 G Dozer Crawler


This is one of the highly sought-after dozers in India. Rightly so, the model equips several advanced features. For instance, the model comes with 49441 kg of operating weight. Such a massive weighing capacity helps scale up output by significant numbers. Additionally, with a high-performing engine, the equipment can generate 350 HP. 

Besides, the dozer can churn out a net power of 350 HP. Moreover, the track gauge of 2250 mm further helps productivity, hence ensuring smooth operation. Above all, this dozer crawler comes with a price range of Rs.44-46 Lakh in India. 

ACE AF 100D Pallet Jack Forklift 


Infra professionals often back this model due to its highly advanced features. To illustrate, the tremendous lifting capacity of 10000 kg ensures the carriage & stacking of materials with ease. This subsequently increases work output. 

Additionally, this equipment surpasses efficient operation expectations, thanks to the 1220 mm length of the face of the forks. Besides, this pallet jack forklift can reach a height of 3000 mm. Moreover, the machine can work effectively in compact space, thanks to its turning radius of 2100 mm. Overall, the equipment comes with prices ranging between Rs. 39 Lakh and Rs. 41 Lakh. 

So, is a pallet forklift a major requirement for your project, or a dozer? Well, InfraJunction covers it all for you.

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