How Can You Optimize Your Business Searches Through Google Places?

To get a higher lead generation and to be prioritized on Google’s listings, it is necessary for you to verify your business on Google places. This is one of the ways to optimize the searchability of your business and website on search engines. In other words, knowing how to setup a Google Places page for my business is an important part of search engine optimization. This article is a quick breakdown of the steps involved.

How can I set up my Google places page?

The steps in setting up your Google places page are easier than you think.

1. Make a Business profile on Google

This profile is created specifically to help organizations and businesses keep a track of and control the way they represent themselves online. Set up a Google business profile first.

2. Log in

Once you are on the page, you need to log in through your Gmail account. Making a Gmail account specifically for your business is a wise decision for keeping your work organized.

3. Click on List Your Business

Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the “list your business” button.

4. Enter Your Phone Number

At this stage, you will be prompted on screen to select your country code and add your phone number. Since this will be linking your number to your business, it is a wise decision to get a number specifically for your business

5. Create your listing

In this step, you are required to enter your firm, business or organization name.

6. Enter Basic Information

Here, you need to fill in the address of your business. Using maps can give you an accurate reading of your address. For example, you can use Google maps Victoria Canada if that’s where you’re located.

7. Log in Again and You’re Done

You’ll receive a call from Google to give you a login code, verifying your address. Log in again with the given code to finish your set up.

Summing up

Knowing how to setup a Google Places page for my business is an important skill for any business owner.

If you wish to set up a business in Victoria, Canada, then using Google maps Victoria Canada search results would be crucial. Always get in touch with experts for setting up your business online.

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