The picturesque town of Grahan is accessible on foot from Kasol Market and is situated in the Parvati Valley. At an altitude of approximately 2,300 meters, it is the starting point of the Sar Pass Trek and the main camp for those descending from Min Thach. The 6 hour Grahan trek starts from Kasol and gets progressively tougher. Most of the hike passes by the river and amazingly beautiful scenery. Every step  along the river  into the forest is a visual feast. Only in the last two hours of the hike do we say goodbye to the picturesque river and begin the arduous process of climbing the increasingly jagged rock. 


Although the trek is not without its challenges, the reward is  breathtaking views of snowy mountains and vast landscapes. When you come to Grahan Village, you will see many small inns and traditional houses with architecture and woodwork that are hundreds of years old. There is Samy’s Cafe and a few shops selling essentials. As Grahan grows, the number of hotels in the area continues to grow. There is no service, but the Vodafone signal is very weak, and visitors  caught carrying or drinking alcohol in the village are fined, as residents believe their deity forbids it. 


 With affordable accommodation and breathtaking panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, Grahan Trek has become a popular destination among travelers seeking peace and quiet. Tourists traveling from Kasol to Sar Pass often spend their first night there. 


 Trekking Route Planning  

 First Day: Kasol 

 After an overnight stay by Volvo or taxi from Delhi you reach Kasol. After settling  in the Kasol lodges/camps and a much needed rest and breakfast, we recommend  a short trip to Katagla and the village of Challal, a wonderful trek that starts from our base camp and goes through dirt to a wonderful village. Katagla is a  sturdy wooden bridge over the river Parvati. As you travel along the Parvati River and through the lush jungle, you will pass several charming traditional villages, lodges and campsites. Staying at Challal, you can reduce physical exertion and enjoy the scenic views of the area by going up rather than down the river. After meandering through the forest, along the rushing Parvati River and over a much more stable iron bridge, you emerge at the Kasol Market Square. 


 Shopping at amazing boutiques and dining at Kasol Market’s eclectic restaurants with Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Israeli and Italian cuisines will keep you entertained for days. You can buy a variety of trinkets, clothes and accessories, including authentic handwoven clothes and  traditional Himachal style wools, stylish T-shirts and various smoking accessories. You can continue  to  Manikaran Gurudwara, revered by Sikhs and Hindus  for its historical significance and therapeutic hot springs. Relax in one of the Manikaran and Challal hot springs and if you have  time, drive to Tosh Village  before heading back to our camps for a sumptuous meal, bonfire and  lively storytelling. 

 Grahan is the goal of day 2 of the trek. 

 Our journey to Grahan Trek begins when we reach Kasol market. Grahan and Kasol are not yet connected by road, but the situation may change in the near future. Until then, you can enjoy amazing views while walking along the river. The walk to the village of Grahan can take four to six hours. Enjoy taking pictures and resting until you reach the settlement. After arriving at the guesthouse, you can relax with a welcome drink and relax before  pleasant conversations with  fellow travelers over a cup of tea in front of a traditional “Tandoor” heater that burns wood and coal to create a cozy environment. . After a while, eat dinner, say goodbye and turn in for the night  under warm blankets and blankets. 


 Day 3 – Snow Trekking & Waterfall / Excursion to Kasol 

 On the third day after breakfast you can  extend your stay at Grahan for one more day and go to  nearby Grahan Waterfall or return to Kasol for Mt. pictures and stories to tell.



The beautiful Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh has many beautiful places that every tourist should make an effort to know and visit. We are talking about the special places hidden in this valley, the natural landscapes here, which even today offer tourists a breath of fresh air  away from the city noise. There are many such places for tourists to explore, but Himachal Pradesh is the Indian state  where tourists enjoy their vacations the most. If you love to travel then you must have visited various villages and regions of Himachal Pradesh many times. There is still an unexplored place  in the Parvati valley of Himachal, a village called Grahan. It  is a very beautiful place near Kasol in Himachal and you have to trek to reach it. Just as Kasol is very popular among youngsters and migrants, Grahan village is now becoming relatively infamous.