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How do I download Intuit Glance?

Tax calculation and filing are difficult tasks. Even with tools like calculators and software at your disposal, you can still be unclear of how to do your taxes correctly. In this article, we’ll explain how to download Glance intuit if you’re not already using it. Find out more about Glance Intuit here to start.


Intuit, take a look: What is it?

It is common to use Intuit’s Glance screen-sharing software, sometimes known as remote access. With the use of this website, you can remotely share your screen for Intuit’s tax and QuickBooks support. Intuit uses the Glance Guest software suite to help customers use this programme.

Additionally, if you’re having trouble using Turbotax to figure out and finish your taxes, you can download the Glance software to assist you.


Intuit makes use of Glance.

Glance is used by Intuit. The Cobrowse, Screen Share, Mobile App Sharing, and Agent Video services from Glance are especially used by Intuit. Users of this programme can get in touch with Intuit’s tax experts via an app. Additionally, you can use the software from Glance to share your browser window or the screen of the TurboTax app.

Glance is able to manage a lot of traffic in addition to meeting Intuit’s privacy and security requirements, especially during tax season. If you decide to use Glance by Intuit, you will find that the platform is lag-free and responds rather quickly.

Recently, Intuit released Smartlook. This platform aims to help businesses by connecting experts and customers. Thanks to the one-way video, taxpayers may speak with TurboTax consultants right away.

How do I download Intuit Glance?

To enjoy the features provided by Glance Intuit, you must first download the Glance Intuit Remote Access Software.

  • Visit to get the Glance Intuit App.
  • Follow these steps to get Glance Intuit.
  • Go to
  • Your download will begin as soon as you visit the page.



Please be aware that starting your download as soon as you open the website is perfectly normal and expected.

There is no cause for alarm because the page is definitely a subdomain of the main Intuit website.

After downloading the Glance Intuit software, double-click the GlanceGuestSetup.exe file in your downloads folder on your Windows PC or MAC to start the installation procedure.

Use the on-screen directions to install Glance Intuit. The installation procedure is simple and, for the most part, comparable to that of other programmes you may have placed on your computer. A number of windows will appear, and you will just need to keep going to complete the installation.


How do you utilise Glance Intuit once it has been installed?

After installation, launch the Glance Guest software and follow the on-screen instructions to connect with an Intuit agent. During this process, you will need to contact Intuit to get a Glance code, which you must enter on your computer to launch a Glance Intuit remote session.

After you enter the code, your Glance Intuit remote screen-sharing session will begin, allowing the Intuit agent to control the mouse on your computer. It can seem a little unnerving that some of the biggest computer companies in the world use this type of remote assistance, but don’t worry—it has been used for a while and presents no security problems.

If you ever feel concerned, you may easily and swiftly discontinue remote access to your computer by pressing the end button on the screen.


Take a look at Intuit Customer Support?

For more information on Glance Intuit, you may start by reading our in-depth review at If our guide doesn’t fully answer all of your questions and you still need help, you may get in touch with Intuit or Glance using the channels listed below:

  • Glance Support can be reached at
  • Glance Download Link:
  • Glance Support Website:
  • Contact Intuit at 1-800-446-8848.
  • Contact Information for Intuit:


Is it safe to use Glance?

The names of normal services are commonly used by malware developers to hide their dangerous programmes, therefore there are numerous programmes and apps that could initially appear to be bloatware or malware.

For security reasons, the software does not use Voice over IP (VoIP), but users can start a VoIP connection if they are having issues with the application. Use of it is also 100 percent safe.

It facilitates the processing and filing of tax returns for both individuals and corporations, enabling users.



The above-mentioned method is the simplest, shortest, and most reliable approach to download to your device. It will surely provide you with visual guidance or technical instructions. Please leave a comment below letting us know how useful you find the post.

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