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Booking a Germany Visa Appointment from Pakistan: A Guide for Pakistani Applicants

Getting a visa is an important step if you are a Pakistani planning to visit Germany. However, navigating the visa application process can be complicated and time-consuming. To help you through the process, we have put together a comprehensive guide specifically designed to help Pakistani applicants secure a Germany visa from Pakistan appointment. Read on to learn more about the procedure and the essential information you’ll need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book Germany visa appointment from Pakistan?

To book appointment for Germany visa from Pakistan:

Visit the German Mission website based on your location.
For Islamabad Office: [Link]
For Karachi Office: [Link]
Scroll down and click ‘Continue’.
Select Visa Category (Applicable for Islamabad Office only).
Enter the CAPTCHA verification.
Select your preferred time and date.
Is Germany visa open for Pakistan?

No doubt! In order to hold a Pakistani passport, it is necessary to obtain a Schengen visa for your trip to Germany. This visa not only covers Germany, but also provides access to all 27 Schengen countries for tourism, business, or visiting family.

How do I make an appointment for a Germany visa?

Appointments can be booked by visiting VFS after paying the service fee at the bank or by sending the bank payment receipt along with the required documents and information to

How much is the visa to Germany from Pakistan?

Visa Fee:

Schengen Visa / Short Term Visa (Category “C”): 80€ (in PKR)
Schengen visa (children aged 6 to 12): 40€ (in PKR)
Airport Transit (Category “A”): 80€ (in PKR)
National German long-term visa (eg study, family reunion) (category “D”): 75€ (in PKR)
Children 0-17 years old for family reunion: 37.50€ (in PKR)
How long does it take to get a Germany visit visa from Pakistan?

Generally, it takes 15 days to process a visa application, but processing times may vary based on the number of applicants.

Can I go on a VFS Germany visa without an appointment?

For urgent applications, you can visit the Visa Application Center, and VFS Global will process your visa application without a pre-booked appointment.

Is it easy to get a Germany visa?

German visa processing usually takes 6-12 weeks after the interview with the consulate. It is advisable to start the visa application process about 4-5 months before your planned trip to Germany.

What is the minimum bank balance for Schengen visa Germany?

The minimum bank balance required for a Schengen visa in Germany is 45 euros per day.

For specific appointment process, visa costs and other enquiries, please see the instructions and contact details above for the German Embassy in Islamabad or Consulate General in Karachi.

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