Eyeglass Fit Everything You Need to Know in 2024

A pair of prescription glasses ought to suit like a traditional t-shirt, providing optimal comfort and effortless style. Indeed, if they fit appropriately, glasses are cool. However, if you have one inappropriate pair, you’ll be pulling your glasses up over your nose and thinking that the cliché of the glasses-wearing nerd is all too true.

The good news is that Lacoste glasses are the prettiest fashion device we have in our closet and that nerds rule today’s world. If you know what size glasses should fit you, they can also be the cutest item in your wardrobe. The first step in discovering the eyeglasses you love (and avoiding your own personal nerd-with-glasses nightmare) is to locate that right fit.

Even if you buy Lacoste prescription glasses online, you’ll be able to identify a good fit with the help of the following instructions. So, what should the fit of the glasses be? Here are some elements to search for in the ideal connection.

How Should Your Face Fit Into Glasses?

Prepare yourself if your inner stylist is questioning, “How should specs fit your face?” You’re going to discover how to spot the ideal fit. Every feature on your face will appear as follows when you wear glasses that are properly adjusted. Once you discover a pair of glasses that meets these requirements, you will look fantastic in them.

Face Breadth

First, let’s talk about how the spectacles fit your entire face. If the frames you’re wearing are appropriate, the frame size should be roughly equal to the breadth of your face. The temple arms shouldn’t be stretched; however, you should be able to slip your index fingers between Lacoste glasses frames and your face without having any excess space between them.

Your head will appear smaller and your glasses will keep sliding off while you wear them if the frame is significantly too large for your face. If the width of your frame is too small for your face, the temple arms will put pressure on your head side, squeezing your skin and giving you an uncomfortable feeling. This will also make your head appear larger.

Face Breadth

Discover your fit: One of the simplest measurements for glasses to get correctly is frame width; all you require is a friend and a soft measuring tape. Ask your companion to calculate the length in millimeters between the tips of your index fingers as you hold them up against the sides of your face. When shopping, use this length as a guide and avoid selecting frames that differ by more than a few millimeters in any direction.


Your eyes are the main attraction for selecting the appropriate glasses. Your pupils need to be placed squarely in the center of your lenses – somewhat because it seems more effective, yes, but largely because it’s vital to your eyesight and overall eye care. Your Lacoste prescription glasses won’t provide the exact corrective vision you require if your eyes aren’t aligned in the center of the lenses. 

This can cause eye strain and all of its uncomfortable side effects, such as headaches, dry eyes, and hazy vision. When using progressive lenses as opposed to single-vision lenses, this effect may be significantly greater. To prevent this discomfort, you must ensure that your eyes sit in the center of the lens diameter.

Eyes Breadth glasses

Discover your fit: The first step in determining the proper lens width is to select the appropriate Lacoste glasses frame width. Your eye doctor will evaluate your pupillary distance, or the separation between your pupils, during your eye exam. When you order your glasses, confirm you have this information on hand. This measurement aids opticians in centering your eyes in the center of your lenses when the spectacles are being created. You can measure your pupillary distance at home if your eye doctor did not take it at your previous exam.


To another by the bridge of your spectacles, which crosses the nose bridge and connects one lens to another. It can also significantly affect how comfortable you are. The bridge of your spectacles should never come into contact with your nose if the fit is proper. The only parts of the frames that should come into contact with your nose are the nose pads, and even those must do so lightly and without pinching. The bridge ought to float above your nose with the grace of a ballet dancer about to leap.

A nose groove, red marks, or additional types of skin irritation from the spectacles may result from a bridge that is too wide and sits on your nose. However, if the bridge is too small, the nose pads will dig into your skin, causing red marks or irritation on your nose side once more. Additionally, you should consider bridge width when purchasing a set of glasses because having large red markings on your nose is not a pleasant look for anyone who wears glasses.

Discover your fit: You should take a straight measurement from one side of your nose to the other to determine the optimal bridge width. The tough part is that you shouldn’t achieve this by bending the measuring tape over your nose. Measure in a horizontal line across.

You may wish to squeeze the corners of your eyes and the sides of your nose with your fingers. To keep the measuring tape straight, you may utilize your index finger as a guide. Calculate the millimeters that separate your fingers.

You might opt for Lacoste glasses with a narrow bridge fit if you have a wide face, a prominent cheekbone, or a low nose bridge. This will increase the space beneath and surrounding your glasses, preventing them from sitting on the cheeks and causing scratches.

Final Thoughts

Fit is merely half the story when trying to find the best face-flattering glasses. Now that you have a better understanding of how glasses should be appropriate, it’s time to enjoy yourself and choose your favorite colors and frame styles.

When looking for new eyeglasses, you should think about the following important questions: Which frame designs complement your facial shape the most? If cat-eye spectacles aren’t sassy enough for you, how can you tell?

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