Enhance Your Suit with These 6 Essential Accessories

An elegant suit is a classic representation of sophistication and flair. The correct suit can create an impact whether you wear it for a formal event or as part of your everyday wardrobe. However, it’s crucial to match your suit with the appropriate accessories in order to completely enhance your appearance. In this blog, we’ll look at six crucial accessories suggested by the top bespoke tailor Bangkok that can make your suit stand out in any crowd and enhance it.

Bowtie or necktie:

The most well-known piece of jewelry to wear with a suit is probably a necktie or bowtie. Your personal style and the circumstance will determine whether you wear a necktie or a bowtie. Neckties are highly adaptable because they come in a wide range of hues, designs, and materials. a silk necktie in a traditional A knit or wool tie can give your suit a more laid-back, textured appeal, while a silk necktie with a traditional design, like stripes or polka dots, can offer a touch of elegance.

However, a bowtie has a special charm that makes it perfect for formal occasions or when you want to make a statement. The self-tied bowtie adds a distinctive and genuine touch to your outfit despite being a little more difficult to learn. Whatever you decide, make sure your tie matches the color and pattern of your suit to create a unified and well-coordinated appearance.

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Pocket Square:

A pocket square is a simple yet effective addition that may dramatically improve your suit. It gives your ensemble a spice of uniqueness and refinement. You can experiment with various styles because there are so many different colors, designs, and materials available for pocket squares.

Think about how the color scheme of your suit and tie will work with the pocket square you choose. You can choose a pocket square that contrasts with or matches your tie to achieve a pleasing visual balance. Although the traditional white linen pocket square is a practical option that goes well with most suits, don’t be afraid to explore with more daring options for a more daring appearance.

Fashion Watch:

A dress watch is a small but important piece that may elegantly finish off your outfit. A well-made timepiece not only fulfills a utilitarian need but also elevates the look of your outfit. Select a dress watch with a slender, simplistic design that doesn’t crowd your wrist.

To coordinate with your outfit and other accessories, take into account the watch’s strap’s material and color. While a brown leather strap can give off a cozier, more casual vibe, black leather is a classic option that goes well with the majority of suit colors. The metal details on your belt or cufflinks might be complemented by a dress watch with a silver or gold case.


A dress watch is a small but important piece that may elegantly finish off your outfit. A well-made timepiece not only fulfills a utilitarian need but also elevates the look of your outfit. When selecting a suit, consider the following:

Cufflinks are a simple but important finishing touch that can significantly alter how your suit looks as a whole. They function as a fashion accessory in addition to fastening your shirt cuffs. Cufflinks are available in a variety of patterns, materials, and styles similar to other accessories.

Choose traditional metal cufflinks in silver or gold for formal occasions. For an added touch of luxury, these can be engraved or embellished with precious stones. Contrarily, novelty or themed cufflinks can lend a fun touch to any outfit. Contrarily, novelty or themed cufflinks can inject some fun into your ensemble, making them appropriate for less formal occasions or when you want to show off your personality. Just keep in mind to select cufflinks that go well with your accessories and outfit.

Attire shoes

When you’re wearing a suit, the shoes you choose can have a big impact on how you look overall. Despite the fact that black leather oxfords are a classic and adaptable choice, you may also experiment with alternative shoe designs based on the formality of the event and your particular style.

For a timeless and elegant look, think about wearing leather shoes in shades of brown or dark burgundy. Loafers or monk straps might give off a more modern and laid-back vibe. To preserve a professional appearance, make sure your shoes are clean and polished. To preserve a polished appearance, keep your shoes clean and well-maintained. Scuffed or unclean shoes can ruin an otherwise perfect ensemble.


In addition to serving as a practical accessory, a belt gives your outfit a polished look. For a coordinated look, coordinate the color of your shoes and belt. Brown shoes go well with a brown belt, and black shoes go well with black belts. Make sure the belt’s breadth matches the loops on your pants; a belt that is too wide or too thin will throw off the balance of your outfit as a whole.

Pick a belt buckle that complements your suit’s formality. While a more ornamental buckle may be appropriate for semi-formal or casual settings, a plain, modest clasp is perfect for formal events. Also take into account the belt’s material; while leather belts are a timeless option, woven or fabric belts can lend a touch of texture to your outfit.


In order to improve the overall appearance of your outfit and leave a lasting impression, accessories are crucial. Each accessory, from dress watches and cufflinks to neckties and pocket squares, adds elegance and style to your ensemble. You can take your suit to new heights by carefully choosing and complementing these crucial accessories, ensuring you appear your best for every event. the following time.

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