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Web surfing through the broad range of dubai travel packages 2023 with some amazing offers and thrilling activities. We have an exciting selection of Dubai packages that will ensure you have the greatest possible experience in Dubai. Whether you choose Dubai luxury travel packages, dubai travel packages for couples, or Dubai group packages, we are here to give a special touch to your Dubai travel arrangements with our first-rate services and enticing specials and discounts. 

Our Dubai tour packages from India long for your out-of-this-world experience, one that includes more than just a simple trip there and back but also exhilarating things to do in Dubai. Experience a luxury Dubai travel package to take advantage of the chance to stay at opulent hotels, or choose one of our cost-effective Cheap Dubai tour packages to save money for more fun.

You can book the best of the luxurious travel packages including, stays, food, traveling, and activities providing you the full luxury and making your trip enjoyable and comfortable. Get your sight towards some of these best luxurious dubai travel packages. 

Some of the Popular Dubai Tour Packages are:

  • 4 Days Dubai Tour Package With Desert Safari
  • 4 Nights 5 Days Dubai Delight Tour
  • 5 Nights 6 Days Incredible Dubai Tour With Ferrari World
  • 7 Days Adventure Dubai Package With Abu Dhabi
  • 4 Night 5 Days Luxury Dubai Tour With Atlantis Hotel Stay

Things to do during the Dubai Tour

With so many wonders and skyscrapers, Dubai is no less than heaven and is at the top of every traveler’s bucket list. Dubai’s sole goal is to overwhelm you with all of the things to do in Dubai at every turn. You Can Try Out Some Cool Things That Are Listed in this Dubai travel guide

Dhow Cruise

Ever wondered how Arabian kings travel on their luxurious ships? Then it’s the perfect thing to do during your trip to Dubai. Dhow Cruise is an ancient-themed water vessel that takes you on a joyful and luxurious water ride serving you the best of their food while you enjoy the beautiful scene of Dubai’s skyline decorated with lights.

Dubai Opera

Opera is called the rich men show and if you are on a luxurious trip to Dubai then a visit to Dubai Opera is the best option you’ve got. Dubai Opera presents the best of the art and culture of UAE providing the best of the performances like theater, Ballet, Concerts, Orchestras Fashion Shows, etc. 

Desert Safari

You’re in Dubai and missing out on Dubai safari is unacceptable. Experience the thrilling 4×4 SUV ride on the bumpy sand dunes in the Dubai desert going up and down, Camel ride across the desert and relax enjoying the sunset with some barbecue along with a bonfire and some special belly dance and end your day sleeping inside the tent house.  


Your luxurious Dubai package needs to get some of the thrilling and long-lasting memories of proving your stone, like skydiving. Yes, Dubai tours also include skydiving where you can jump out of the plane from 10 to 13 thousand feet high. Don’t worry, you go with an instructor cum guide who will carry you and you just need to enjoy the view of Dubai from the sky while you float in the air. 

Helicopter Ride

Get a closer view of the Dubai Skyline flying on a helicopter. Get a private joyful ride in a helicopter and enjoy the bird eye view of the Dubai skyline like Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Frame, and take a sky tour of Palm Jumeirah. It’s the best of the elite activities in Dubai.

Scuba Diving

One of the most popular activities you can enjoy with Dubai travel packages is scuba diving. The shore of Dubai is undoubtedly a water sports enthusiast’s paradise because you can go swimming with barracudas, angelfish, killifish, and many more fish. One of the best ways to go away from the city and spend some time in a peaceful setting is definitely scuba diving.

Luxurious Car rides

When you think Dubai, think luxurious, think big. Dubai is the world of supercars and luxurious cars. The roads and streets of Dubai are taken over by Lambo, Ferrari, Mercedes Rolls-Royce, and Bentley. Take advantage of your luxurious Dubai tour by renting out your favorite luxury cars. There are multiple vendors in Dubai who rent luxurious and supercars. 

Sailing on Yacht 

Go on a luxurious Yacht ride floating on the turquoise blue water and enjoy the best of the brunch you can grab. When with your friends you can part on the Yacht away from the city’s noise. Some other best things you can do on a Yacht ride are go fishing, cook, or grill on the deck of the Yacht you wish. Enjoy until you’re full.

Some of the best places to visit in Dubai

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Home to thousands of marine animals, this theme park is one of the world’s best aquarium and marine life preservation centers with a massive collection of aquatic life. You can explore this one of the amazing places to visit in Dubai and enjoy the best of marine life and learn about it.

The Palm Jumeirah Island

Shaped by the Palm, this man-made island is one of the world’s best and most luxurious tourist attractions, just 5 km away from the Gulf of Persia. This Island is itself the best tourist location but also has some of the world superstars residing here.

Dubai Mall

What’s a luxurious trip to Dubai when you don’t shop for expensive items from Dubai? Let your inner shopaholic come out. Go window shopping or else buy from the world’s largest shopping mall where you will get confused with so many shopping options. Apart from shopping, Dubai Mall also has its own Ice Skating rink, massive multiplex, and gaming zones.

Burj Khalifa

 World’s tallest building and one of the popular attractions in Dubai and around the world, this 830 m tall building provides you a panoramic view of the entire Dubai.

Dubai Frame

Must have hung a photo frame on the wall of your room but have you seen an entire building in the shape of a Photo Frame? Yes, Dubai has it. Dubai Frame is one of the unique landmarks, and you must take an hour-long tour of the building and get a unique experience of Old and New Dubai from the 150 m height Sky Glass bridge connecting two towers. 

Best Time to Explore Dubai

The most preferred time to explore Dubai is from November to March and with the temperature range from 15 to 25 degrees, you can enjoy the Dubai tour without heat stroke with full comfort. To save money on travel, make sure to make your reservations well in advance because the cost of lodging is increasing at this time. Given the excellent weather at the moment, visiting the city’s picturesque attractions including the Burj Khalifa, Ferrari World, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek, and Jumeirah Mosque won’t be difficult.

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