Customer Service Software Optimized for E-Commerce

This list of standout ecommerce customer service tools will help you find the perfect tool to improve your company's customer support.

For assistance and queries, customers can contact your company through various channels nowadays, including phone, email, live chat, and social media. 

The cornerstone of any multichannel customer service plan for any high-growth organization is having a strategy to deal with these many consumer communication channels.

The problem is that there are so many customer service tools available that it can take time to choose the one that will work best for your company, customer service team, and clients. Below mentioned are the customer service software optimized for E-commerce:


From small businesses to large corporations, everybody can keep current with real-time updates and react quickly due to DeskXpand helpdesk software. Eliminate duplication in ordinary chores so that you may concentrate on expanding your company by providing quick, helpful client service. 

For the quickest responses, eCommerce helpdesk software intelligently ensures tickets get to the appropriate agents. Additionally, it offers the ability to connect to several internal and external tools.

To assist you in managing your data security concerns, DeskXpand helpdesk software includes in-product security capabilities.


Avochato reports that 89% of consumers said they would like to use SMS to connect with businesses, in addition to texting having taken over as the preferred method of communication with friends and family.

Avochato is a text messaging tool for teams that uses live chat to continue genuine, ongoing discussions with clients after promotional emails have been sent.

Teams can learn to program to set up their Avochato phone number, import, and broadcast to clients. Additionally, the program connects with systems like Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.


Inbound marketing, sales, and customer care software are all developed by HubSpot. One of the top products on the market for customer service software, HubSpot’s Service Hub is available to e-commerce businesses looking for an end-to-end solution to combine customer support, marketing, and sales processes. 

Service Hub integrates your customer service data and channels into a single CRM platform to efficiently onboard, maintain, retain, and grow your clientele.

Wix Answers:

Wix Answers is ecommerce customer support software in the cloud designed specifically for Wix websites. It serves small-to-midsize businesses with a large user base. Teams using the platform can set up a support desk, ticketing system, call center, and live chat feature.

One of the primary advantages of Wix Answers is that teams can build help widgets to contextually show articles and tutorials along the user journey on any page of their website or product.


This contact center tool interfaces with your customer service help desk to ensure your phone-based customer support operates appropriately. You can remember every customer care interaction due to its capabilities, which include call recording and note storage. 

In addition to real-time agent status detection, it offers valuable information on call duration, wait times, and the proportion of inbound calls answered below the goal threshold. Through their website, TalkDesk’s pricing information can be found.


Acquire is a different kind of live chat application. It enables real-time screen sharing between your customer care staff and your clients without requiring that they download any software. This functionality lets you communicate more quickly and transparently with other users.

Teams connecting frequently through chat and social media platforms could consider Acquire a contender. Thought should be given to its increased cost.


LiveAgent unifies communication from calls, emails, and social media into a single dashboard to boost team efficiency. It offers easy setup and interaction with the rest of its platform and products.

LiveAgent stands out from all the other technologies due to its gamification of customer service. Customer assistance is enjoyable for your team, with the possibility of earning points and awards for completed tasks.


Hiver assists teams in providing customer assistance from a platform they are already comfortable with, Gmail. As a result, companies can manage customer emails collaboratively, track them, and perform analytics and automation directly from the Gmail interface, saving time that would otherwise be spent learning new tools. It is one of the best customer service software.


For Shopify stores, the HelpCenter app is an excellent customer service resource. On this platform, it is one of the greatest and most easily accessible customer care solutions for enhancing and automating online customer support procedures. 

The tool’s most notable feature is the ability to handle all customer inquiries through emails, live chats, and Facebook Messenger on a single HelpDesk. Furthermore, this software functions effectively with various Shopify stores linked to the same account.

Sprout social:

For brands and agencies of all sizes, Sprout Social is a platform for managing and optimizing social media. The venue is a central center for publishing and keeping track of material on several social networks.

Your support personnel may have more possibilities to identify areas that need to be addressed if they can spot patterns in social media comments. 

Final thoughts:

Each customer service tool mentioned above has distinct features, functions, and costs. You must comprehend your place in the market, your demands, and expectations, as well as the needs and desires of your clients, to select the best ecommerce helpdesk for your e-commerce operation. 

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