Choose the Best Roof Tile Design for Your Home

If you are struggling with selecting the right roof tile design and colour, reach out to a trusted tile shop in Chandigarh.


The roof acts as the crown of every house. It is the first thing that on-lookers notice when they look at your house. Not only does it accentuate your home design but also increases your property prices. That’s why people invest in roof tiles to create a remarkable home design. This blog will enlighten you about how to pick the best roof tiles design during your visit to the nearest and trusted tile shop in Chandigarh. 

Some Roof Tile Variants 

Slate Roof Tiles

Slate tiles come with a distinct and lovely appearance, and they come with resilience and fire-resisting properties. They possess the most elegant design that you may want to give to your rooftop. 

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay has been a roofing material for ages. They come with a rustic appearance, making them a perfect choice for traditional homes. If you go for these roof tiles, you need to seal them periodically to prevent water absorption. 

Concrete Roof Tiles 

Concrete roof tiles are quite elegant and one of the most affordable roof tile options, thanks to modern production techniques. They may need a lot of maintenance like clay tiles. 

Selecting the Best Roof Tile Design for Your Home 

One of the major benefits of new-age roof tiles is the availability of diverse tile designs. Different colours and designs are popular in India as people love to decorate their rooftops just like their homes. However, because of the availability of their diverse options, people often get confused in picking the right roof tile designs for their house. To make the selection process easier for you, here are a few tips.

Colour Scheme

The primary factor that you should think about while picking roof tiles is the tile colour. Try to choose the colour according to the colour scheme of your entire house. The colour scheme should include every tone that you have used to accentuate your home decor, from the wall cladding colour to the landscape feel you want to create at your home. 

You may find some roof tiles in neutral tones, like cool tiles, which can go well with all the colours. However, if you have used any specific custom colour for your pillars or terrace walls, you should go with the same colour. All in all, you should focus on choosing a complementary colour for your roof tiles. 

Architecture Style

Your house’s architectural style is a significant factor when picking the right design for your roof tiles. This means you have to consider all the elements related to the architectural structure of your house, ranging from the theme of the house to the special message you want to convey through your house design.

For example, if you have an antique-style house and want to preserve the traditional look, you probably prefer to have clay roof tiles. Likewise, if you own a modern box-model house with a small rooftop, you may look for a modernised roof tiles design like slate roof tiles. 

Heat Absorption 

This is yet another important factor that you should pay attention to while selecting the best roof tiles design for your rooftop. The tile colour plays a huge role in making the interiors cooler or warmer. According to general physics, dark tones like black or dark red absorb more heat and transform it to the indoors, elevating the hotness within the interiors, thereby, resulting in higher electrical expenses.

However, if you opt for lighter tones, they can reflect light and heat into the atmosphere, providing a cooling effect to the interiors, which helps cut down the electrical costs. That’s why cool tiles, which are specially designed for tropical areas, come in lighter tones. All in all, you should consider the effect of the tile colour on the indoor temperature while picking the tile colour. 

Use Tile Selector Tools 

If you are struggling with selecting the right roof tile design and colour, reach out to a trusted tile shop in Chandigarh. They can guide you in selecting the right tile design and colour that matches your home design and accentuates the overall aesthetic of your rooftop.

Moreover, they can give you a preview of how your rooftop will look with particular tile designs by using tile visualiser tools like TriaLook. You can even get the previews sitting at home by visiting the online portals of popular tile brands. With this tool, you can easily find the most fitting proof tile design for your rooftop. 


You should also consider your neighbourhood and environment to select the right colour scheme for your rooftop. For example, if your house is on the beachside, mountain, or in any village, you must prefer a tile design that suits the outdoor surroundings. Just visit any nearby reputed tile store and explore various roof tile options to upgrade your roof aesthetics. 


You must consider all these factors to select the right roof tile variant and design to beautify your rooftop. You can just google “a nearby tile shop in Chandigarh” and reach out to any trusted tile dealer like Orientbell Tiles Boutique to get your hands on the best roof tiles design for your rooftop. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Roof Tiles 

Are roof tiles durable?

Yes. If you purchase from a trusted tile brand like Orientbell Tiles, roof tiles may last for several years to come, thanks to their robustness and durability. 

Do roof tiles have any negative aspects? 

As roof tiles come with a weight, you must make sure that your rooftop has sufficient structural support to bear the load of the tiles. Also, roof tiles can be costlier than other roofing materials. 

Which roof tile designs are ideal for hot Indian weather?

Since India has a tropical climate, the roofing materials often get damaged because of heat and UV rays. However, the best roofing materials for Indian households in tropical or arid zones are premium-quality roof tiles made with clay and concrete.

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