Can Food Be the only Support Your Workouts Need to Build Muscle?

To tell you the truth behind this, we all need to know what food and diet actually help to grow muscles. The most obvious answer to this is biochemicals.

Yes, biochemicals from foods are plainly called nutrients, and they do a good amount of work in our bodies to help us grow muscles. Although we speak of muscle growth in this post, you must know that nutrients are not there for bulking up the muscles only. They take part in many other vital biochemical processes in our bodies to help them survive, nourish, grow (for kids) and stay healthy.

However, we are working out like monsters. We are probably taking huge quantities of supplements. You are probably unaware of even how much supplement you need to take. In this scenario, calling food the superpower for building muscles kind of sounds like an insane idea. However, that is the truth we will discuss in this post. So, stay tuned.

Why Food/ Diet for Muscle Building?

Did you know that you can build muscle straight out of eating? And that does not mean you need to exercise. You can get lean with the help of your diet choices; some walking (not the treadmill version you do at a gym), and calculated rest schedules.

As a matter of fact, this fact has its origins in History. We had found people working at regular jobs to have a physique quite impossible to have in an age when the concept of gym and bodybuilding was absent.

Food does play a massive role in making your muscles. Here is what you need to learn. Can you make muscles by sacrificing other muscles? Yes, you might be able to do that by burning fat – and that’s good – but what if you are not fat yet you want to gain muscle or bulk up?

In that regard, you don’t have a choice but to eat and rest well. Exercise will only open the channel to start gaining muscle. They don’t help you gain muscle unless you have a proper diet with them. By exercising, you create the right calorie deficiency to help your body absorb enough nutrients to build the muscle you want.

Although many of you know, readers who are in the beginner stage might get this idea more clearly by knowing about muscle hypertrophy. When you lift weights or do callisthenics, or work strenuously for a long time, your muscle fibres get tired, and they tear. This condition is known as Muscle Hypertrophy, which now needs to repair the muscle fibres. And how would that happen? Well, the body will look for nutrients and use energy (calories) to repair the muscles, increasing the muscle’s volume and ultimately increasing its size. This process also aids in helping your muscles gain strength.

Sure, if you have fats, then the body is going to take the help from that. It helps in fat loss quickly. However, fats may lack the nutrients to complete the process of muscle repair. That is why you still need the right food.

1.  What Are Supplements and Do We Really Need Them?

This is a highly controversial question, and it can take us to debates that may last for hours. However, we have gotten a way to come to a common ground about supplements.

Supplements are nothing but mostly eatable products with nutrients, which are not made in the body or plants/ animals but in the laboratory artificially. To supply you nutrients to help you deal with nutrition deficiency. For example, most vitamins are nutrients that are available from food, and some are made in our bodies. If you still suffer from a vitamin deficiency, you are going to need vitamin supplements in the form of pills, powders or liquid.

However, food is the first and the most important source of nutrients, and you may not always need support from supplements because you can get them from food. The supplements you buy with your precious money get wasted if your food already has them and your body has no choice but to flush them out.

Let’s speak with an example. Creatine is one of the most discussed protein supplements out there. People have controversies about whether or not to use creatine supplements too.

Creatine is needed for muscle growth. However, you get them already from fish and a little from red meat. You do not necessarily want to put that supplement in your body if you are meal-prepping rightly. Although taking creatine supplements is nothing uncommon, it is still an unnatural protein made in labs.

What you can do here is you can switch to a healthier supplement option. One of them is taking whey protein. It is a natural protein, and taking it does not translate to receiving supplements in the body. Rather than that, whey protein consumption is kind of ‘eating’ the protein.

Technically speaking, whey protein is sometimes considered the meal replacement option. It can help you get all the protein you need for your body, even if you haven’t eaten.

What Are the Power Foods We Are Looking at Then?

In order to build muscle and gain nutrients in the right amount, you will need good food. Besides, food will help you deal with your post-workout stress and other complex biological processes in the body when you are gaining weight.

2.  Protein Intake Should Be Increased 

We all have learnt in the biology classes of middle school that protein is the building block for the body. Without it, you may not be able to make your body grow or repair damages.

However, we need to be careful with a high-protein diet as it is dangerous for the body to manage higher intakes if you are not exercising or eating for fun. A high protein intake may damage the kidneys; we all know that kidney damage is very difficult to deal with.

Discuss with your fitness trainer and, of course, the nutritionist to make a meal plan. Prepare your food by cooking them well and not frying, roasting or, plainly put, burning them. Choose lean meat over red meat because red meat is not always a healthy choice for diet.

3.  Do Not Avoid Carbs If You Want to Gain Muscle 

Carbohydrates or Carbs are going to make your muscles grow by providing them with the energy to repair. Yes, your muscles do get the same type of energy from protein foods as well, but that can mean you have to eat large amounts of protein. Your body cannot manage all that protein.

4.  Avoid Junk Food…Please!

Maybe you have heard actors speak about it. Some people might also give you advice on stuffing more pizza and burgers in for bulking up. You do not need junk food in your diet. It surprisingly will hamper your gains.

To Conclude: A Good Idea to Gain Muscle at Home 

Going to the gym, investing in gym costs, and then investing in food might rob you of your money pretty soon. If you want to gain muscle in a relatively more affordable way, then choose to work out from home.

Sure, you will need some initial investments to buy gym gear or two and get a trainer. However, you can get more time to prepare your meals and get to cook them yourself.

If you want quick money to start with this idea, then taking out one of the doorstep loans with no credit checks will work for you. Direct lenders can offer you the approval of these loans within minutes of the application form if you provide them with the statement for repayment.

Also, talk to a fitness trainer and nutritionist before exercising at home. As a bonus, enjoy those meals.

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