Best Hair Styles Like Characters From Games : Check Out In Details

When it is all about video games, then strength is not the ultimate thing, no matter if it is about the protagonist, antagonist, or general character. Lets find out Best Hair Styles like Characters from Games.

Gamers do not always fall in love with attractive graphics, but the characters’ appearance and sense of fashion also matter. Therefore despite flashy moves on the battleground, it is very important to have a fancy hairdo. 

However, to achieve elaborate styles, the designer needs to lose practicality while designing the character. When players are playing games, they always get to see the end-product or final product. 

But somehow, it is curious to think about the behind-the-scenes preparations before it got released. In this article, we are going to discuss the best hairstyles, like characters in games.   

Best Hair Styles Like Characters From Games

Below we have mentioned the best hairstyles, like characters from games.

1) Guile

Out of all the gaming characters, one of the most impressive hairstyles is guile. This hairstyle is famous, especially when it is about the Street Fighter game. Guile is mainly a very impressive hairstyle. The guile hairstyle has been maintained throughout the entire Street Fighter legacy with no minimal changes, so it seems very practical and original. 

Despite its being the same look, it seems that this hairdo has been maintained throughout the busy day to keep its signature look the same for fans. The blonde hair color gives the character a very natural look. 

But somehow, it seems that this hairdo absolutely needs a huge amount of hair gel in order to remain the same after every fight. Apart from that, it also seems that the street fighter carries a comb for touch-ups whenever the gels start losing out from the hair. 

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2) Zhongli 

The sophisticated and bold attitude guy from Genshin Impact has long, beautiful locks that he keeps in the lower portion of the ponytail. The back locks just gently flow behind him. Apart from his long ponytail, the shorter layer in front of his face is miserable. 

This particular hairstyle looks particularly different once it becomes ombre. The character Mr. Zhongli’s appearance from Genshin Impact is awesome because the contrast of golden eyes and black hair undoubtedly reflects his status as a Geo Archon. On every level, it seems that Mr. Zhongli’s hair is frequently trimmed by any local hairdresser. 

3) Sephiroth

The character Sephiroth from Final fantasy is very awesome. It seems that he doesn’t use a bunch of hair colors, but just one solid hair color is awesome. Apart from that, it also seems that he maintains an intense hair care routine. Final Fantasy 7’s iconic character and also an antagonist is mainly popular for her long, silky, and flowing silver hair. Her hair’s too long as it already reaches the floor. 

The silky texture of Sephiroth’s hair seems that he uses a hair mask and brushes, and he has a lot of volume in each bang. For maintaining his bangs, he definitely needs a few good pumps of hairspray and mousse in order to maintain the “M” shape to make his face look glorious. 

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4) Axel

The character Axel from Kingdom Hearts is naturally having red hair. Apart from that, there are a few lows and highlights that are hidden in his hairstyle. In this case, it seems that maintaining his hair depth by even applying his hair color is not an easy thing. It also seems that he doesn’t stop his hair care routine, which means continuous maintenance has happened. 

The hair of Axel seems that hairdressers take a headache and carefully cut the hair so that the hairspray and the gelling process will be done in a proper manner. His hairstyle makes it seems that he lives in a world where defying gravity works, and that is why his spikes remain upright in every direction. 

Axel’s hair style seems that he needs two hairspray cans every week. 

5) Agent J

One of the members of the elite beat agents is agent J. His look seems that he usually sits in front and steals the show. His hairstyle is awesomely stylish because it seems to have a tornado-like swirl at the end portion and a mullet-like finishing touch at the back. 

Gamers are still suspicious that Agent J has an original strawberry- blonde hairdo or it takes more than an hour to make the styling. Apart from that, it seems that meticulous hair-drying and gelling processes give the swirl shape. The “J” shaped mullet at the front gives his face a frame. 

6) Cloud Strife

The cloud’s iconic blonde hair mainly turns every game into a fan. Cloud strife character from final fantasy has shorter bangs on the side. But all spikes make his hairdo a longer hairstyle. 

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We have mentioned the best hairstyles, like characters from the games above, in this article. These characters’ hairstyles are not trending right now, but rarely can you see these types of hairstyles in the real world. 

Apart from that, in many games, these types of ark hairstyles are obtained, and in this way, they make the gaming characters’ hairdo trending. Lets check Out types of ark hairstyles obtain.

Thank you for reading till the end.