Best Features Of Facetime : Let’s Find Out

In this technologically advanced world, everything is going over software, no matter if it is an official meeting or if it is an online class. In this case, it is much required for the powerful software where you can hear and see the other online participants. 

In today’s world, online meetings provide such experiences, which is good or even better than face-to-face offline meetings. After all, in recent times, users mainly kee for such video conferencing applications, which makes your virtual facetime better. 

Before you are going to start any meeting, make sure that the facetime or video conferencing applications have better features. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best features of facetime applications. 

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Best Features Of Facetime: Let’s Find Out 

Below we have mentioned the important features of facetime software applications.

1) Screen Sharing

One of the most useful features of facetime software is screen sharing. It allows you to share your PC’s screen with others. 

It is very useful because it enables your screen to share, and other participants will also know what you are doing on your computer. In this case, it helps to understand the other participants and what they need to do in the same manner. 

The screen-sharing feature is very useful because it allows you to show online tutorials, or you can give instructions by showing them your screen and letting them know how to complete a task. 

On the other hand, you can present information that will be beneficial for you through facetime or video conferencing software applications. 

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2) User Management

Another important feature is user management. In this way, you can manage and create user accounts, able to handle permissions and groups. 

The user management feature is important for compliance, access control and secure handling. Therefore a properly authorized user will be able to get access to your conferencing application. 

Apart from that, by using user management, you can use charge, bill and invoice documents through the facetime software app. User management also provides access to those reliable users who can control recording and video conferences. 

3) Mobile Support

The crucial feature of facetime applications is mobile support. In this case, the application will be able to work on several operating systems, browsers and so on. 

Apart from that, it will support different screen sizes, codecs, resolutions and so on. Mobile support features will also optimize the user interface for several touchscreen devices. 

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4) Secure Server

Another useful feature of facetime software applications is a secure server. It will protect your video conferencing app from unauthorized access. Not only that, but it keeps your data safe from cyber attackers and hackers. 

There are several ways to protect the data:

Use Of Encryption

The encryption process will be able to convert the data into code. In this case, if you want to decode the data, then there will be a need for a special key or password, which will be only known to authorized users. 

Use Of Authentication

The authentication process means confirming who they claim to be by checking their credentials against some sets of databases of information. In this case, by the authentication process, the users’ email addresses will be verified.

Authentication mainly provides additional security because there is a limitation of accessing databases on the identity. Someone may hack into another person’s account but still will not get access if their personal credentials are not matched.

Use Of Firewalls

The firewall process is very vital because it isolates the computer system from other systems which are untrusted and insecure. Not only that, but it can block any communication that comes from unsecured connections or contains malicious code like computer viruses, malware and so on. 

5) Recording And Playback 

Another feature that will allow you to record video calls in case there are any conflicts or disputes. Apart from that, the recording and playback feature can also be used for compliance purposes, quality assurance purposes, training purposes, or legal purposes. You can also record separate video calls or all video recording calls at one time. 

6) Data Encryption

Another feature is data encryption which helps to protect data from being interrupted by third parties. Not only that, but it also prevents it from being altered by any third party. 

7) Integration With Third-Party Apps

In terms of success, a facetime application or video conferencing application should provide the opportunity to incorporate with other third-party applications. In this case, it allows the teams, and departments to easily share files, notes and more information within the facetime application itself. Or else you can directly use it from your desktop. 


We have mentioned the best features of the facetime application above in this article. There are also several features like switching to speakers, live streaming and so on. The features are invented to make the process of video calling and also keep video conferencing confidential. 

Apart from that, your video conferencing record will also remain end-to-end encrypted. There are several facetime icon aesthetics which are like neon-colored applications or super cute charming applications. 

We hope you liked this article. In case you have doubts, please drop a comment. 

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