Are Pandora Alarms Thatcham Approved?

The year 2020 started with a bang, with Pandora alarm systems becoming Thatcham approved. It means in case you have a Thatcham approved Pandora alarm installed you would be able to get an insurance discount on the renewal of the insurance policy. If it is Thatcham approved, it doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of customers that already have a Thatcham alarm installed as a standard from the factory.

There is no point having a couple of Thatcham approved alarms on a single car, if that is the case with your car, Pandora Mini BT is recommended. In case you have an older car with no cat 1 pandora alarm and an immobiliser it may be great choosing a Thatcham approved pandora alarm system, including Professional V2, Smart Pro or Light Pro.

What Does Pandora Alarms Thatcham Approval Mean to You?

To a great number of customers searching for an alarm system, Thatcham may not be anything that they want as a lot of customers are searching for the best car security system in the market. Many cars of modern days already feature a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm already installed when the vehicle was purchased from the dealership, however, it is great news for the ones who want to ensure they are getting an upgraded alarm system and have a certification from a renowned research center that works with the insurance service providers closely.

The Importance of Thatcham

In the late twentieth century, Thatcham research introduced Security Assessment to address the vehicle crime levels. Thatcham Categories tended to play a significant role and were established as an industry benchmark. Pandora car alarm had been proven to be the best product with a great amount of innovation involved with the alarm systems and was approved that like many aftermarket alarm manufactures just having a couple or single thatcham certified alarm, decided to get all the UK Thatcham certified pandora alarms.

Upgrade Your Alarm to be Thatcham

It is the choice of owners in case they would want to upgrade their pandora alarm to Thatcham. It is often advised by experts to contact your insurance provider first in order to see what they recommend. In case your car has a Cat 1 Thatcham Pandora alarm installed to your car already, they will be unlikely to provide you with an extra discount. Though it would be alright that having an extra alarm system is making your car safer. In addition, make sure to note that to comply with the criteria of Thatcham, a few features may not be enabled but please contact your pandora alarm system provider for more information!


A pandora alarm system installed before January 1, 2020 won’t have the Thatcham approval but you can check it with your Pandora provider. Pandora is providing an upgrade Thatcham kit which can be booked in with your Pandora provider. Thatcham may follow a strict criteria and it now has all the requirements needed. This also includes a Battery Back siren, an extra immobiliser cut, internal sensor, and programming!