About Speer Lawman Ammo

Perhaps you’ve got a friend that shoots nothing but flat-nose Speer Lawman ammunition while punching paper or in competitions.

Perhaps you’ve heard the endless good things that shooters have to say about Lawman ammo.

Perhaps it’s just hype. Shooters can be both superstitious and clanny, not the best of traits.

But the positive aura surrounding Speer Lawman ammo is true. Here’s what you need to know.

Peerless Quality Speer Bullets

Speer Lawman ammo is loaded with premium quality Speer bullets, and their total-metal jacketed flat-nose bullets, which are perfect for scoring, are among the best.

They are made with lead core bullets that are completely encased in a jacket, with no lead exposed at the base of the bullet. This prevents powder from burning some of the lead off the bullet base.

This TMJ, which is also a one-piece design, also improves accuracy and ballistic performance by eliminating bullet base distortion and deformation on firing.


Speer Lawman ammo is loaded into high-quality, brass cases that are manufactured to tight tolerances for performance and quality assurance.

Most importantly, Speer Lawman ammo offers reloadability, which is a big bonus for shooters in this era of ammo scarcity.

When paired with Speer’s clean burning propellants, and non-corrosive or Clean-Fire primers, this reduces pitting and corrosion on brass, extending the viable lifespan of the casings.

Clean, Less Fouling, Non-Corrosive

Speer Lawman training ammunition is highly regarded for the quality, consistency, and clean-burning properties of its propellants and primers.

Speer Lawman uses clean-burning propellants that deliver optimal bullet velocity and consistent chamber pressures and ballistic performance while producing less fouling.

They also use non-corrosive CCI primers that are consistent, reliable, and safer for your gun.

Speer Lawman handgun cartridges that use Clean-Fire primers also contain no lead, barium, or antimony, which lowers overall heavy metal exposure. This also makes them more suitable for firing at indoor ranges.

You can see the difference between cartridges – check our Speer’s website to see a side-by-side comparison of a Lawman Clean-Fire and a traditionally primed cartridge.

Quality at an Affordable Price

Speer Lawman 9mm Luger offers top-tier performance in target and training rounds that are designed to closely replicate the performance of defense rounds for handgun training.

Notably, it does so at an attractive price point. Consider the price of Speer Lawman ammo at the previous site. At $15.99 for 50 rounds, it breaks down to just about 32 cents per shot – which is dirt cheap considering the quality.

This is a no-compromise cartridge that closely matches the performance of Gold Dot, so you can train effectively without burning through your defensive rounds.

Can You Get Speer Lawman Ammo Online?

Yes, you can. Don’t let stockouts at your local gun shop get you down. Keep shooting the same quality rounds for target practice, competition, or training purposes by shopping at Bucking Horse Outpost (BuckingHorseOutpost.com).

Also, Bucking Horse Outpost runs frequent sales and sells many other popular 9mm brands (like CCI Blazer, Federal Premium and American Eagle, Remington, and TulAmmo) so check out their website.

They also carry a wide range of rifle cartridges and shotshells, in addition to rimfire and popular handgun ammo. Bookmark their site if your local shop has been out of popular ammo recently.

Does CCI Make Speer Lawman Ammo?

Actually, CCI Ammunition was previously under Speer Cartridge Works and was later renamed Cascade Cartridges, Inc. – CCI. Today, Vista Outdoors owns both brands and loads both CCI and Speer Lawman ammunition at its cartridge plant in Lewiston, Idaho, along the Snake River.

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