A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Uber Eats’ Art of Changing Tips

Food delivery services like Uber Eats have become crucial for many in today’s fast-paced society. Ordering your favorite food has never been simpler, even if some of these services’ features may still be new to users. The question “how to change tip on uber eats?” is frequently asked. By using the suggestions in this comprehensive guide, you can make sure that your chosen tipping practices accurately represent how happy you are with the service.

Knowing the Rewards of Tipping:

You should be aware of the significance of tipping before attempting to modify your tip on Uber Eats. You might encourage your delivery person to keep working by offering them a tip in appreciation for all of their hard work. You could find it easier to recognize good service if you make your tip stand out.

Open the Uber Eats app first.

Open the Uber Eats app on your smartphone to begin leaving tips. Do not forget to log into your account.

Access Your Order History in Step 2

On the app’s home screen, tap the profile icon in the bottom right corner. A menu will be offered. Go to the menu and click “Orders.”

Choosing the order you want to change comes next in the process.

Your most recent purchases might be listed in your order history. Scroll down the list to the appropriate spot to amend the tip.

The tip% needs to be changed at stage 4.

Opening the order exposes all the details, including the name of the delivery person and an accounting of the costs. There is a “Change tip” button next to the price. To pick this, tap.

Step 5: Add Your Own Tip

On a later screen, you can choose the tip size. You have the option of entering a custom tip amount or selecting one of several suggested tip percentages. To achieve the level of satisfaction you desire, adjust the tip.

The final two stages are to verify and save.

After choosing your tip size, be sure to click “Save” or “Confirm” to save your choices.

Step 7: Verify your changes again.

If the order statistics appropriately reflect your modified tip amount, it was successful. To be sure, check them out.


Tipping is a simple process on Uber Eats, allowing you to recognize exceptional service and adequately compensate your delivery driver. You may be sure that your tipping choices accurately reflect the level of service you receive by carefully following these instructions on how to modify the tip on Uber Eats. Keep in mind that tipping delivery drivers encourages them to continue offering first-rate service to clients like you in addition to being a good deed.

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