7 Surprising Reasons to Call a Professional Locksmith

A lockout, whether residential or commercial, is always frustrating. It is regarded as one of the most stressful situations when you are completely defenseless outside your home and unable to enter it. While it is unavoidable, there are a few tips that can help. You can either look for a spare key or an opened window to enter the house. However, the best way is to hire an emergency locksmith in Philadelphia. You can save time and effort by calling a local locksmith around you. Not just that, a dependable locksmith ensures to resolve all of your issues quickly. Utilizing their services will therefore ensure a quick and dependable result. Some more reasons to call a locksmith service are shared below.

1- Moving Into a New House

When shifting to a new house, people always neglect security issues. Just think for once that how many people might have a copy of your house keys. If not, the contractor is sure to have a master key that holds the entry to every part of your house. In addition to the contractor, there is also a possibility of cleaning services and other maintenance providers having duplicate keys. Therefore, you should call a local locksmith to rekey all the locks once the construction phase is over and you’ve moved in. The same problems might arise in a brand-new apartment. Ask the building manager about hiring a locksmith to rekey or replace the locks if you’ve just moved into a new apartment.

2- If You Misplace Your Keys

The majority of people call a locksmith in Philadelphia frequently for this situation. All of us fear it, but most of us experience it. Some people misplace their keys, and the backup set is miles away. You might decide to call the dealership if you misplace your car keys. Though it is significantly more expensive than hiring a locksmith, this isn’t a bad idea. It might take the dealership a long time to resolve your issue. Hence, call a local locksmith to get a duplicate key quickly.

Furthermore, the key may occasionally crack inside the lock. It might be challenging to extract the key yourself if it breaks in the lock. To avoid harming the lock, having a locksmith is the best idea.

3- Installation of a Master Key System

Since multiple doors are used for different purposes, they may all have separate keys in some residences or businesses. Carrying multiple keys and keeping track of which one to use for which door can be quite annoying. The best advantage of having a skilled locksmith is that you can install a single key system called a Master key. With the help of this, you can open every door with a single key.

4- Lock Repair and Installation

When you try to open a lock without a key, there is a high chance of breaking or damaging it significantly. Such locks ultimately become a liability and must be repaired or replaced. In any case, you’ll need a skilled locksmith to fix your broken lock. Your safety and business may be at risk if your lock is broken. Keep in mind that a damaged lock makes it simple to open a door.

5- Enhancing the Security of a Property

With the world adapting to advance security measures from the last few years, security improvement of your property is something that should lag. You currently have a wide range of options for the entry system to your home. Instead of using old and conventional locks, you can install a keyless entry system which will increase the security of your building. Regardless of whether your family is present or not, it is nearly impossible for someone to enter your home without a key. Your locksmith can assist you in exploring the options if you want security improvement around your office or house. Then, you can pick the system that best suits your requirements.

6- When a Spare Set of Keys is Needed

As it is already mentioned that losing keys is inevitable, you must always keep an extra set of keys in an emergency. A locksmith in Philadelphia can make you a new set of spare keys if you’ve never had a set before. But make sure you keep these new sets of keys in a convenient location. For example, keep them hidden near your front door to be used during lockouts. Consequently, you won’t need to buy a new set. You should get yourself a set of spare keys as soon as you can if you don’t already have any.

7- When You Forget the Lock Combination 

Although physical keys are no longer required thanks to electronic access systems, these systems are susceptible to human error. You can easily forget the password or combination required to open them. In addition, because writing down passwords or combination locks can be risky, most people avoid doing so. Don’t freak out if you accidentally forget the password; a nearby locksmith can recode the lock to provide you with a new password. Although this process is tricky and lengthy, a locksmith is your only choice.

You may panic and try to handle the situation yourself if you’ve gotten yourself in a lockout. Eventually, you will end up damaging the lock completely, which will be more costly. Therefore, you should take your time and wait for a professional locksmith to arrive and get you out of it. Professional locksmiths are always ready to reach you and provide solutions for your lock-related problems.